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Best of Styleforum Classifieds, 12/21/2016

best of styleforum classifieds

Every week, enterprising Styleforum member @razl takes time out of his busy schedule to search for what he can call the best of Styleforum’s classifieds. Out of that glittering company, we’ve picked our five favorites to share.   1. Ralph Lauren “Anthony” Shawl Lapel Tux, 699EUR – sold by @dijor (NEW) We spent all of last week

Christmas Shopping Deadlines

christmas shopping deadlines styleforum

Christmas is less than ten days away, which means that your last minute shopping is officially last minute. Here are the Christmas shopping deadlines for America’s major shipping companies: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 16: FEDEX STANDARD GROUND, AMAZON FREE SHIPPING MONDAY, DECEMBER 19: UPS STANDARD, AMAZON STANDARD TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20: USPS FIRST CLASS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21: FEDEX 2-DAY,

Your Guide to a Very Black Tie Holiday

Wearing black tie is an exercise in understated elegance. A tuxedo is not a particularly “flashy” outfit by design, which can be confusing for some due to internet #menswear’s focus on peacocking. Black tie, however, is not an occasion to push the boundaries. While there is certainly room for individual style in the way that the tux is

Shopping for Shoes at Leffot with a CM Guy

Standing in front a long wooden table, I observe the items carefully lined up each next one another, and the people handling them to inspect their features and quality. No, I’m not at an Apple store, but at Leffot in Christopher St., Manhattan, a shoe boutique for men. Alan (my husband) and I decided to

Join the $3,500 Modern Luxury Giveaway

Join the Modern Luxury Giveaway, and win $3,500 worth of prizes! Styleforum has teamed up with some of our favorite online brands and communities to offer one lucky winner the following: – $250 gift card for any affiliate shop hosted by Styleforum – $500 gift card for Norwegian bag and watch brand Linjer – $500 gift card

RSVP for The Proper Kit!

  We’re doing it again. On November 5th, 2016, The Proper Kit will return to Gary’s Loft in New York City, both the Penthouse and 11th floor (28 West 36th St, New York, NY 10018). For those of you unfamiliar with the idea, this is the yearly trunk show co-hosted by Styleforum and A&H Magazine that unites world-class

Styleforum’s Favorite Brands, Pt. 2

Styleforum has a lot of “favorite” brands. Last week, we covered a small selection of standouts, and this week we’re taking a look at a few more of the most popular houses and designers on the forum. They wax and wane in popularity over the course of months or years, and because of the diversity