First Class Gifts for the Traveler

There is no place like home for the holidays.

Luckily, the other 360 days a year offer you a whole world to conquer, and we invite you to awaken your wanderlust with these travel treats. This gift guide features our favorite first class gifts: experiences, one of a kind vintage keepsakes, and affordable accessories to outfit you for your next journey. As for the lucky recipient? We think it should be you, the Styleforum reader. Remember, you are required to put on your own oxygen mask before you assist others.


Experience – Beginning your journey jostled by grumpy travelers is no way to unwind.  There is indisputably a better way to travel by becoming a fractional owner of a luxury fleet of planes. Allow your timetable to be the only one that matters as you skip the lines, sink into plush seats, and jet away to, well, anywhere you want. 

Fractional Jet ownership with Net Jets. Prices vary.

Keepsake – Fine china on an airline? We no longer expect to fly in such style. The halcyon days of flight your first class ticket came with impeccable dining…and drinking. Allow these 1960’s Pan Am glasses to spark conversations about distant destinations and days gone by.

Landing on your living room bar cart for just $120

Accessory – You may not be dodging birds in an open cockpit, but that doesn’t mean you should live your life without these aviator glasses. Equally at home on the sands of Caracas and the driver’s seat of a coupe, we give our nod to the origins of the aviator glasses by suggesting that you sport them for your next flight. 

Oliver Peoples, $425


Experience – Murder and mayhem may have graced the pages of an Agatha Christie novel, but in real life the Orient Express offers pampering with panache. The train from Paris to Istanbul runs only once a year. You should be on it. Five days and two continents offer a once in a lifetime luxury rail trip.

Starts at $12,250

Keepsake – While we are on the subjects of icons, may we pitch the posh 19th C. French Steamer trunk? Ages ago it kept an entire wardrobe. Today it brings the romance of the rails into our everyday lives. Great for travel (provided you have porters), storage, or a one-of-a-kind coffee table. Or perhaps all three.

Available on 1stdibs, $5,625

Accessory – Exotic architecture, fine wine, and bartering with local vendors; it all may fly by like the blur of the countryside beyond your authentic 1920’s art deco cabin window. Jot down notes to jog your memory in a Field Notes journal dressed in a fine leather cover.

Handcrafted in Vermont by Queen City Dry Goods, $65


Experience – Racing School  There is a certain high-pitched whine that you welcome. Unlike your mother-in law, the sound of these super cars make you thrilled to give up a Sunday. Perfectly tuned for high performance these cars respond to your slightest cue as you let go of the world and grab onto the steering wheel. Choose your favorite super car – or more than one – and give in to G-forces on XRS’s Los Angeles track.

From $299 for 5 laps

Keepsake – Amidst a flurry of accolades, the 1974 Series III Jaguar E Type roadster convertible earned its highest praise from competitor Enzo Ferrari, who called it “The most beautiful car ever made.” This example in British racing green is unrestored, which offers you the gift of bringing an icon back to glory. 

For sale at auction on Jan. 6th, 2017. Be prepared to break into the seven digits.

Accessory – Unnecessary? Possibly. Undesirable? Never. The point of accessories is to enhance experiences. Anything that offers both comfort and control can cap off our holiday list. After all…it is called a glove box for a reason. Italian Leather Driving Gloves by Mark and Graham. May we suggest cognac leather?

Available for $125

Anna Rosenblum Palmer is a freelance writer based in Denver, CO.  She does a fair amount of navel gazing on her own blog at

Holiday Parties With House of Kydos

Dear Friends,

With festivities already underway, have you decided yet on what to wear during the holiday events? Paris, the family’s voice behind necktie maker the House of ΚΥΔΟΣ (that’s “Kydos”), has prepared an outfit for each event using his personal wardrobe and selected ties and accessories from our AW’16 collection.

Styleforum members can use code sf2016 for a 15% discount on all items until the 18th of December.  Tax Free prices (that is 24% less) are always available for all non-EU shipments.

Family Dinner

Family dinner has always been our family’s highlight moment of the year. It is the time when we all gather together around the fireplace, relaxing and contemplating the events of the year, making plans and discussing dreams for the year to come. The men always wear casual jacket or a cardigan, so here is a combination that I am contemplating for this year’s dinner: a brown herringbone jacket with white shirt, a blue silk tweed tie, a blue silk pocket square with a traditional Greek pattern, and a lapel pin in colors which can be found both in the tie’s weave and in the pocket square’s design.

kydos styleforum holiday office party silk tweed tie


The KYDOS unlined, 8-fold necktie used has been created solely by hand sewing, using the same knowledge and skill our great grandfather used over a century ago. The silk – with a small quantity of wool, viscose and linen – has been spun at Como, and as per custom, only 33 ties of this design and color have been created.

In Greece there is a long tradition of embroidery, with designs varying among regions, local traditions and social or economic status. This specific pocket square has been designed in-house based on our family’s inherited embroidery. The design, which symbolizes fertility (hoopoe), the passage of life (ship) and youth (flowers), originates from the island of Skyros, where the ruling class’ families created such designs for adornment, but in secrecy both to avoid copying and to preserve them over the passage of time. Using silk spun at the Greek silk village of Soufli, we created two more color variations in burgundy and in green. Then, our seamstress hand-rolled their edges for an elegant finish.

Office Party

Office parties have already started, with lawyers and bankers leading the way.  A classic, deep blue single button suit looks proper to blend in with the crowd. A burgundy necktie is an ideal choice for a touch of elegance. A personalized, hand-embroidered white pocket square, folded in a “sails” shape, can add a playful note.

kydos styleforum holiday office party burgundy silk tie

 The burgundy tie is – as are all Kydos’ premium ties – totally unlined, 8-fold, and 100% hand sewn in house, in a process that can take up to 4 hours for each necktie to be completed. All edged have been hand rolled with an invincible seam so meticulous that the points of the blades are perfectly shaped, and with the aid of a silk monk’s stitch the tie’s layers join together creating perfectly balanced folds.

As you may have noticed, the white cotton pocket square is not simply hand rolled. Its edges have been hand embroidered by our seamstress for a very unique and elegant finis,h and in this case my monogram has been hand embroidered as well to make the pocket square even more personal.

New Year’s Eve

kydos styleforum holiday office party black velvet bow tie

New Year’s Eve is usually the most glamorous night of the three. Our plans though are different this year, as we will host a house party without a defined dress code, so the tuxedo will have to wait for now. Being the host, a navy jacket with some texture will be combined with a black silk velvet bow tie and a formally-folded white Egyptian cotton pocket square.

This pre-tied bow tie, which is also 100% hand sewn, has been created using the finest silk velvet and silk satin. The intention has been to create a visual effect by combining two different weaves, the velvet for the front bow and the satin for the back bow.

The white Egyptian cotton pocket square can be either hand rolled or can be hand embroidered and personalized. Here it has been hand embroidered using blue thread both for the edges and the monogram.

Wishing Happy Holidays to all of you and your families from sunny Greece!

 – Paris Anastopolous, House of ΚΥΔΟΣ

5 Gifts That Aren’t Clothing

Jasper's holiday wishlist accessories gifts that aren't clothing

Not all of our friends and family members are as obsessed with clothing as we are, and that’s okay. It’s also worth keeping in mind before you go out of you way to buy a pair of 20-ounce Ironhearts for your nephew, or a limited-edition pocket square for your wife (“Wear it as a…scarf?”), here are five gifts idea that anyone – no matte their age, gender, or relationship to you – is sure to enjoy.

La Portegna ” Jimena” Portfolio

My iPad died halfway through The Proper Kit, which means I have to get a new one if I want stay up too late watching YouTube videos in bed again. Since I have a La Portegna briefcase that I adore (disclosure: they sent me one free of charge, and I now use it every single day), I have a pretty good idea of what to expect from this. Namely, fantastic leather that actually gets better as it ages (for real – everyone claims this and it’s not always true), and a size perfect for those days when I don’t want to tote around a whole bag. Plus, you can monogram it for the intended recipient. Future iPad, meet your future new best friend.

La Portegna, 215GBP

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

No one writes anything by hand any more, and that is a filthy shame. I carry two small notebooks with me wherever I go: one for story ideas, one for absurd Deep Thoughts. And I write with pens exclusively – no graphite here. As a middle school science teacher once told me, never erase anything – put a line through it, because you might come back to it later and find some unexpected brilliance. Having a half-decent pen to write with (or a really nice pen to write with), as opposed to the disposable ones we all steal from hotels, makes the experience so much more pleasurable. I’ve never owned an unabashedly nice fountain pen, because I’m probably too scatterbrained to be trusted with anything fancy, but that’s what a wishlist is for. I am mildly obsessed with the design of the Lamy 2000, which is unassuming but (in my eyes) gorgeous; not the heavy gold-and-black cigars that still dominate the world of higher-end fountain pens, but sleek and futuristic. And it’s built for writing – which is, after all, the point.

Amazon, $120

L’Artisan Perfumeur “Al Oudh”

Jasper's holiday wishlist accessories gifts that aren't clothing

Al Oudh isn’t the fanciest perfume in the world, nor the most expensive, nor the most fully-packed with exotic ingredients. It is, however, an excellent scent, and for men or women who don’t want a collection in their cabinet there’s a good chance this could become an every day fragrance. It’s more accessible than fancier oud scents, less cloying, and a bit fresher and friendlier to more noses. I’ve been jealously hoarding my tester-sized sample of this fragrance for a while now, and I think it’s time to treat myself to a full bottle. Or rather, for someone else to treat me. ‘Tis the season.

L’Artisan Perfumeur, $145

Jaybird X3

Jasper's holiday wishlist accessories gifts that aren't clothing

I scored a pair of Jaybirds on Amazon over the summer, and they have changed my life. That sounds like exaggeration but it’s not – I’m not an audiophile, but I do listen to music 12 hours a day, whether I’m sitting at my desk or exercising. These are great for both – they’re comfortable enough to wear for long periods, the battery life is great, and when you do go for a run they actually stay in your ears. Plus, the sound quality is pretty darn good. So far, mine have been one of the best purchases I’ve made all year.

Best Buy, $130

Pyrrha Stag Ring

Jasper's holiday wishlist accessories gifts that aren't clothing

I am a sucker for all things symbolic, and doubly so for vaguely heraldic imagery. Pyrrha has been making wax-seal silver jewelry for over a decade now, and has inspired legions of other brands. They’re rough-hewn, cast from Victorian-era wax seals, and – I think – quite beautiful. I also have a thing for stags, generally; horned gods being both classic and timeless and beautifully foreboding.

For women, there are a host of beautiful necklaces, rings, and bracelets, which means that whoever you’re shopping for, you’re bound to find something that will speak to them. Pro tip: searching for “wax seal rings” on Etsy will show you plenty of other options, but since they go quickly and are variable in size, Pyrrha is a good stop for consistency.

Pyrrha, $380

One Velvet Blazer, Two Looks

velvet blazer styleforum holiday style outfit grid

Ralph Lauren “Connery” Velvet Jacket

Kamakura semi-spread shirt

Tom Ford silk pocket square

Ralph Lauren Tux Trouser

“Majestic Black” Bow Tie from Le Noued Papillon

Belgian Shoes “Henri” in Patent

A velvet blazer is great for the winter season. First of all, velvet is warm. That’s a good thing when it’s cold out. Second, it looks fantastic in the dark, and in the winter it’s dark all the damn time. Third, a velvet blazer is surprisingly versatile. You can wear it casually with jeans, or you can take the same piece and wear it to a black tie event. That includes all occasions in between; like, say, an office party, entertaining at home, a night out for cocktails, or just a nice dinner with your partner.

So, we’ve taken the same Ralph Lauren navy velvet blazer and given you two ways to wear it. In the first, the classic combination of black, white, and navy is perfect for any holiday party. The key to not looking like a dust-covered relic while wearing a velvet blazer is to keep things slim. Your clothes needn’t be skin-tight, but we’d certainly recommend hemming the trousers so that they end without breaking atop your loafers. Finishing off the look with a classic silk bow tie makes the deep navy of velvet stand out further, while a gentle touch of white at the chest pocket keeps you from blending into the night entirely. All that’s left for you to do is act the part.

velvet blazer holiday styleforum outfit grid


Ralph Lauren “Connery” Velvet Jacket

Kamakura semi-spread shirt

Tom Ford silk pocket square

Saint Laurent mid-rise raw-edge black jeans

Prada Side-Zip Boots

On the more casual side, a velvet blazer is perfect for looking like a louche degenerate in the best of ways. Unbutton the shirt, ditch the tie, stuff the pocket square (instead of folding), and go all-out with raw-hemmed skinny jeans. Mid- or high-rise denim lets you keep the shirt tucked, and slim black boots are a elegant-but-snarky way to tie the outfit together – and they’re better for walking around than patent loafers. Just keep sidewalk salt off of them, and you’ll be set for the whole season.

Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

This year has been all about unseasonably warm weather, the Cubbies, sensitive emails on private servers, mosquitoes, and a gorilla at the Cincinnati zoo. It’s been YUGE, folksAnd without Prince or Leonard Cohen to help us through, we all need some retail therapy this Holiday Season.  These goodies below will ensure we’ll make it through to 2017 put together, smelling good, and with all our gear properly stowed.

1.  The Bag: Shinola Flight Zip Tote

john clayton holiday gift guide

Made in the USA, the size and shape are perfect, the leather is durable, and the hardware is sturdy.  Known mainly for their watches, Shinola hired veterans Richard Lambertson and John Truex (yep, THAT Lambertson Truex) to design and launch a bag collection.  Comparing it to virtually any designer offering, I like the quality, pricepoint, and timeless design of the bag.  Black will probably be the go-to, but I prefer the “bourbon” brown.

Price: $1195

2.  The Scent: Tom Ford Oud Fleur

john clayton holiday gift guide

Oud is everywhere, from Avon to Yankee Candle.  Leave it to Tom Ford to do one of the best.  This one has the strong Oud note (a deep, dark, woody resin that has long been one of the pinnacles of perfumery), but balances it with a deep rose-based floral heart.  Worry not, however, it’s not at all feminine, but adds a touch of sweet to the famous Tom Ford sweat. This is a gift that your partner will want to steal.

Price: $225 for 50mls

3. The Pen: Pilot Custom 74 Fountain Pen

john clayton holiday gift guide styleforum

I recommend this one almost every year.  Like wines or watches, fountain pens can be daunting; you can spend a little or you can mortgage the house.  I find the Pilot Custom 74 to be one of the best all around fountain pens: excellent quality, good price point, and easy to clean, fix, and use.   And with the vast range of Pilot inks available, you can find a shade that expresses your own sense of style. I recommend getting one with a bottle of the “Iroshizuku” ink in Ajisai blue.

Price: $160 for the pen and around $25 for the ink bottle.

4. The Book: Joan Mitchell: Works on Paper 1956- 1992

john clayton gift guide styleforum joan mitchell

Accompanying a lovely exhibition at Cheim & Read going through the end of December, this is the sort of gift for somebody who has just about everything else.  As a couple they do wine tours in Napa; you don’t dare get them a bottle.  He gets bespoke suits; she frequents Goyard.  So what better than a gorgeous collection of Mitchell’s works on paper: understudied, often overlooked among more “famous” abstract expressionists (cough, Rothko; cough, Pollock), yet achingly beautiful. Guaranteed to up your aesthete value for less than half the cost of a demi of d’Yquem. 

Price: $100

5.  The Stocking Stuffer: Squareguard

And for a fun stocking stuffer, get a Squareguard.  Easy to use, functional, and lightweight, you weave your square through and it stays in place without the silk sagging, popping out of the pocket, or getting out of shape. I got one on a whim and have been using it ever since.  You don’t feel that it’s there, it’s invisible, and it fits almost all standard suit lapel pockets. 

Price: Single guard with square for $34.95 or a pack of three guards (without the square) for $24.95

Wear a Black Turtleneck Under Everything

Remember when I said that I almost never wear black? Well, I’m here to tell you about the one exception I make: the black turtleneck. Because in Denver, the weather has finally turned, which means that it’s the season when I wear a black turtleneck every other day.

We’ve discussed roll-necks in the past, but I’m specifically talking about the cotton, shirt-weight black turtleneck, which is the ultimate cheater’s garment. Let me explain: it is a t-shirt that looks fancier than a button-up. Well, not always. But a lot of the time, wearing one instantly takes you from “slob” to “suave” (zing) in perfect comfort. Besides, it fits every style out there, regardless of whether you pine for James Bond-ian masculinity or Creative Artsy Dude Vibes(tm).

Although you can find these anywhere, in a wide range of fabrics, my favorite black turtleneck comes from Uniqlo. It’s very unassuming – thick-ish cotton, relatively relaxed in fit, and it only cost me 15$. I like to wear it under my quilted ts(s) blazer, under an SNS Herning “Stark” cardigan, or alone under a piece of long outerwear or flight jacket. The point is that it looks really good with everything I can think of at the moment. It’s an especially great option for the dreaded company holiday party, when you don’t really know what to wear but you sure as hell don’t want to wear a tie.

The black turtleneck is the kind of shirt that you could stock up on, wear every day of the week, and look great. And as a plus, that whole myth about black being slimming isn’t entirely a myth, which – if you’re as predisposed to holiday overindulgence as I am – can come in pretty handy. The only downside to these cotton pieces is that they don’t insulate as well as wool. So, if you plan on sweating a lot, a good way to combat that is to wear an insulating undershirt beneath it and stay nice and toasty. Of course, Uniqlo also offers Heattech turtlenecks. I have no experience with those, but I’ve worn plenty of “athletic” undergarments under casual clothing, and the idea is sound.

It’s the ideal garment for days when you want to look good but can’t be bothered to try looking good: choose pants and shoes, put on black turtleneck, and outerwear goes on top of that. Done. That’s the kind of ease I can get behind.

A few of Fok’s favorite BLACK FRIDAY sales


In our Black Friday sales guide, we have well over 200 sales listed., and counting.  If I had a billion dollars, I would probably find something I wanted to buy from each of those.  As luck has it, I do not have close to $1BN.  So as in every year, I have to focus on a few sales that are going to give my highest percentage wins.  Here are some sales that I am focused on this year.  Enjoy – Fok.


40% off designer sale

40% off is generous, and frankly, something only the big retailers can do this early in the season.  Free shipping and returns clinches as well as a host of brands that are fairly esoteric compared to the other big retailers in the USA, and are otherwise “final sale” at smaller boutiques, make this a this a sale that I always check out (and the choice online is typically better than the choice in-store.)

Blue Button Shop

30% off

Code: THANK30

Both Jasper and I are enamored of all things indigo, and when you add interesting stitching and dyeing techniques, Kapital is going to be one of your favorite brands.  They also have some great Vibergs (publisher’s note – Styleforum is in the midst of doing a special order with Viberg,) With the Canadian Dollar as low as it is combined with a generous discount, this is the best deal for the product obsessive in all of us.


20% off all items

This Austrian store is usually not on my radar, but they benefit from having some accessories from brands like Frank Leder that simply cannot be found anywhere else, it distinguished itself from the pack for me.


Up to 50% off

and Enjoy 10% off your wishlist
One day only
Enter code below at checkout:

Where else can you get this many small boutiques selling their ware in one place?  This is my go to clearinghouse for all the small esoteric brands (in my case, this is my first stop for Guidi boots and MA+ accessories and jackets, and Faliero Sarti scarves).  Lightning fast and reliable shipping that small boutiques typically cannot  guarantee on their own, and you have yourself a winner


40% off everything


I spent my entire morning moving Christmas trees for my kids schools.  Yes, I love me some Japanese denim, and that is what I wear daily, but if I want some inexpensive jeans the fit decently to act as true workwear, Levi’s at 40% off is hard to beat.

No Man Walks Alone

A large selection, all on sale!

Greg and Kyle are able to consistently surprise me with new brand choices and products that I haven’t seen before.  And I love that the store can cater to a wide and diverse range of customers.  I don’t know any store that can weave Blue Blue Japan indigo dyed everything together with Formosa suits and Tie your Tie neckwear, Ts(s) outerwear with Norwegian Rain’s superlative raincoats.  tldr: great taste levels bring me back here consistently.


Black Friday: Jasper’s Picks

Wow, sales season really came in like Miley Cyrus this year. At this point in my life, I have a pretty short list of clothing I want, and a lot of it doesn’t go on sale that often. That said, this Black Friday has kind of thrown me for a loop, and I’ve managed to grab some pieces I wasn’t expecting to see (I’m not complaining. Your tastes may certainly differ, but here are a few pieces I think are worth capitalizing on this year. Don’t forget to look at our list of all the Black Friday Sales worth your time to see sales codes for the below webshops.


  1. Kapital Century Denim at Blue Button Shopjasper's black friday top picks styleforumBlue Button came in YUGE this year. I almost feel bad. They’ve got 30% off of all stock with code THANK30, which means you can pick up a pair of Kapital’s incredible Century Denim for 265 USD shipped, which is about the same as it would cost you to proxy the same pair from Kapital in Japan. If you’ve ever wanted a pair, I’m not sure I can remember seeing a better deal.

  2. Viberg Boots at Blue Button Shop

    jasper's black friday picks sales styleforumDid I mention that Blue Button came up big time? When’s the last time you saw Viberg Boots for 30% off? That puts several models just under 500$ shipped with code THANK30, which is nuts, even if the models on offer are pretty basic. Jump on this, people.

  3. Comme des Garçons Parfum at Notre Shopjasper's top black friday sales picksAgain, 30% off what is (in my opinion) a great fragrance that doesn’t often see discounts. CDG’s incense series is a fantastic blend of natural and synthetic aromas; meant to invoke human spirituality in a way that is both immediately recognizable and undeniably otherworldly. My favorite is Ouarzazate, but Kyoto is great as well – heck, at 67$ a bottle after the coupon code, you might as well buy all four.

  4. Sashiko Shop Coat from Blue Blue Japan at No Man Walks Alonejasper's top black friday sales picks
    How could I make a list of any kind without at least one indigo-dyed item? This shop coat from Blue Blue Japan was a stand out piece from this fall’s collection, and the sashiko fabric with natural indigo dye makes for an incredible color and texture. Did I mention that No Man has it for 371$, which is a must-buy price? No Man’s entire sales list is slightly bonkers, but these pieces are beautiful and unique, which will go a long way this winter – and well into springtime.

  5. Marimekko “Nimikko Mikko” bathrobejasper's black top black friday sales picks styleforumHailing from the land of the Moomins, Marimekko has long offered pop-inspired prints to households that skew towards the nouveau Scandinavian. I have a soft spot for the loud stuff, but these simpler bathrobes are equally fun. Do as Marimekko suggests and wear yours after a long, relaxing sauna.



Welcome to Styleforum’s comprehensive list of Black Friday 2016 sales and coupon discount codes for all the men’s clothing and accessories that are fit to buy (and some more to boot). We will be updating this list throughout the weekend, so drop in often, or just keep on hitting F5.

P.S. This year, we have (and will be expanding) our women’s sales section, directly under the menswear sales listings.


10% sitewide

Code: BF2016


Abercrombie & Fitch

50% off storewide + Free Shipping – no code required



30% off




30% off Techfit items + up to 50% off other items



A Fine Pair of Shoes

25% off non-sale items


Alpha Industries
Up to 50% off on Cyber Monday



Allen Edmonds

Up to 50% off on selected styles


Alternative Apparel

Black “Week” 40% OFF with code THANKS40

Antic Boutik

Black Friday happens once a year. And on this day, at Antic Boutik, it’s 30% off on a huge selection of items in store and online!



Up to 30% off



30% off everything




10% off sitewide




Up to 30% off a selection



40% off designer sale


Banana Republic

50% EVERYTHING – no exclusions


Beckett Simonon

1 pair of sneakers: $99 with code TURKEY99

2 pairs of sneakers: $189 with code TURKEY189

1 pair of shoes: $169 with code TURKEY169

1 pair of boots: $199 with code TURKEY199

2 pairs of shoes: $329 with code TURKEY329

1 pair of shoes + 1 pair of boots: $359 with code TURKEY359


Billy kirk

-15% off $199 or less

-25% off $200 or more

-40% off $750 or more


Billy Reid

25% off sitewide




20% off $200

15% off $150-199.99



15% off and free shipping with code THANKSGIVING2016


Blue and Cream

20% off sitewide



Blue Button Shop

30% off

Code: THANK30


Blue in Green

20% off entire inventory



Up to 85% off + free shipping


Bodega Boston

22% off Thanksgiving until Monday




20% off the London collection

Code: BOD20



30% off select style



Bread & Boxers

40% off + free shipping


Brooks Brothers


Additional 10% off on Cyber monday


Brown’s Fashion

sale ongoing!



Black Friday Exclusive 15% off – Promo Code BU15BFCM



30% everything



Calculus Victoria

Sale up to 50% off FW16 goods + Free DHL express shipping exclusive for Styleforum




30% off everything



Free belt + free iPad sleeve and leather mouse pad + free shipping

20% off clearance



Centre Commercial

up to 50% off select items

Century 21

$30 off $150

$40 off $200



Circle Seven

25% off Alden shoes




30% off everything

Code: BLK20 BLKFR30


Club Monaco

30% off sale styles

Code: WINTER16

25% off $150

30% off $250

35% off $400




30% off select styles

Code: THANKS 2016



25% off AW Collection 30% off




50% off


Context Clothing

20% off everything until Monday


Corridor NYC

20% off with code OVENROASTED


Costume Limitè

15% off everything

Code: BF16



20% off



10% off

Code: RMYH4WN10



20% off

Code: BF16


Da Luca Straps

25% off  entire order



Daniel Wellington

Complimentary strap with any watch



Up to 60% off + 25% off sitewide


Dapper Classics

30% off everything 30% ALL SOCKS

Code: BLACK16 CM16


David Fin

25% off everything on Black Friday




Up to 60% Off


Deo Veritas

25% off sitewide (minimum $150)

Code: BLACK25


Dodd’s Shoes

Save 15% on select regular priced items from Born, Sorel, Ugg, and Frye with code BF2016


Dope Factory

Sales up to 70%



-50% for orders over 400 €
Code: blk50
-25% for orders over 100 €
Code: blk25



Engineered Garments Sale starts Friday 25th @10am and ends Sunday 27th @ 5pm.


Dutil Denim

20% off everything black Nov 24-27

Code: BLACK20



20% off all items



10% off

Code: THANKS16


East Dane

Spend $200+ Save 15%
Spend $500+ Save 20%
Spend $800+ Save 25%
Code: GOBIG16


Editions M.R.

30% off + free worldwide shipping on $200+

Code: BLACK30



20% off selected products

Code: ED20



20% off a selection



Black Friday sale


20% off



Everything Hip Hop

25% off everything

Code: BF25 CYBER20



Up to 50% off

and Enjoy 10% off your wishlist
One day only
Enter code below at checkout:



25% off


Firmament Berlin

30% off all footwear



20% off everything + £40 gift voucher every £200

Code: BF20



30% off sale


Frances May

30% off



Frank + Oak

Up to 75% off Cyber Monday



Freemans Sporting Club

30% Discount online and instore




Sale up to 50% off

Code: PLUSH, BLUE or CANDY for extra 10% off most brands.



30-40% off a selection



Black Friday deals



Clearance + extra 20% off



Golden Fox

45% off everything



Graduate Store

Black Friday Sale 30% off


Gravity Pope

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Sunday Styles: Autumn Travels

styleforum sunday styles autumn travels outfit grid


We’re calling this “Autumn Travels,” but really we could call it “Styleforum’s favorite brands,” because this outfit grid showcases some fall styles from a few of the most popular brands on the forum. Eidos, RRL, Yuketen, Anderson’s, and Christian Kimber are all ever-present forum standbys, while Todd Snyder is a reliable source of tailored-casual clothing. We do try to hit both the tailored and casual spectrums when we put these suggestions together, but something about the weather turning just makes all of us want to cozy up in comfy layers and look at the leaves that are still whirling about on the ground.

Not all travels involve planes, trains, or automobiles. Sometimes you have to get outside and explore your own backyard before the ever-decreasing daylight traps you inside for three months, and this is the perfect outfit for letting your feet guide you. A navy jacket over a band-collar shirt is a great casual look, and chambray is a fabric that looks fantastic when worn wrinkled and comfy-like. When combined with olive trousers it’s very worldly – roll the hem (don’t cuff) of the pants up a few inches to show off Yuketen’s great moc-toed desert boots, turn up the collar of the jacket, stuff your hands in your pockets, and spend the day strolling around with hot cocoa in hand.

There’s a lot to be said for simple color combinations, and navy, green, and brown is about as simple as you can get. Add some texture with a woven belt, a pop of color with a lazily-stuffed pocket square, and you’ll look great no matter where your travels take you, whether you’re headed around the world or just down the street.

  1. Eidos indigo Tenero jacket
  2. Todd Snyder band collar chambray shirt
  3. RRL Olive Chino
  4. Yuketen Desert Boots
  5. Anderson’s Woven Belt
  6. Christian Kimber “Colombo” pocket square