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Great Styleforum Classifieds Listings

If you haven’t checked our B&S section recently, you’re missing out. Here are some great Styleforum classifieds listings that offer great style and great value. Suits Pal Zilieri Sartoriale summer suit, sz. 36 – 575 GBP Brunello Cucinelli 100% Fine Wool Tweed 2-Piece Suit Size 50/40 US – $650 Orazio Luciano wool mohair suits, sz.

Styleforum’s Most Popular Brands: Summer, 2017

luxire styleforum styleforum's most popular brands styleforum

While Styleforum’s diverse cast of members can be counted on to both discover and argue over the merits of countless brands, both casual and tailored, there are a few names which, year after year, occupy the top slot in the interest of our internet tribe. This summer, we’re featuring another selection of Styleforum’s most popular

Member Focus: Cleav

member focus cleav styleforum

Cleav is perhaps Styleforum’s best-known Englishman, known for sharing pictures that showcase a well-selected wardrobe, idyllic surroundings, and a particularly nice collection of shoes. Here, he waxes lyric about his youth, and how he’s grown. Simple, the life of an interpreter. The day job is about explaining what one person is saying to another, being

Styleforum Member Instagram Inspiration

Styleforum’s wide-ranging community isn’t active only on Styleforum.net. You might know that we’re also active on Instagram, and that we often feature Styleforum members who use the hashtag #styleforum. Direct from our feed, here’s some Styleforum member Instagram Inspiration. This month, we reached into the vault to collect the 18 most-liked outfit photos from the Styleforum Instagram

Member Focus: Upr_Crust

One of Styleforum’s best-known and longest-serving members, Upr_Crust can often be found in 3-piece suits, looking about as elegant as a man can look. Here, he talks about the reasons behind his interest in menswear, and what led to the development of his own style. I cannot remember a time in my life when I

Streetstyle from Pitti Uomo 92, Day 3

Today’s photo selection of streetstyle from Pitti Uomo 92 shows us two things: first, even the brutal Tuscan sun can’t keep a Pitti-goer from enjoying their tailoring, and second, that a lot of attendees – even in summertime – manage to look very good. Let it be a lesson to you: don’t let summer get

5 Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

tips make clothes last longer

We all know that you can build a long-lasting wardrobe by buying clothes that are good quality and are meant to last more than a few seasons in style. To truly ensure that your clothes last as long as you’d like to wear them, you need to take proper care of them. Here are 5 tips to make

Pictures from the Styleforum Toronto Meetup

Ken Jim (@suitforcourt) and I (@casadisartoria) were honored to host a special event on Thursday, April 27th at Spier and Mackay in Toronto. The event was the culmination of our efforts to bring together the community we interact with on a daily basis in the ultimate Toronto thread on Styleforum, and I’m happy to have

Review Policy

At Styleforum, we work within a very subjective field, which can make objectivity seem difficult to achieve. However, as has always been the case, our focus is on providing you, the reader, with trustworthy information, whether it has been generated by our users or produced by our editorial team. Occasionally, Styleforum conducts reviews of products

Making a Handmade Wallet with Pierpont Leather

Making a Handmade Wallet

There’s a lot of work that goes into making a handmade wallet, as you might expect.  Here, Parker Pierpont of Pierpont Leather walks us through the labor-intensive steps that go into crafting luxury leather goods. Enjoy the beautiful photos! ​ Part 1 of 7: Clicking Usually, there are several hours that are dedicated to developing