Date Night Outfit Inspiration from SF Members

There are many ways to approach dressing for a date, whether or not it falls on Valentine’s Day. Most of them boil down to your company and your destination. Going ice skating (which we don’t recommend, at least for first-timers – a broken wrist or fractured coccyx is hardly romantic) necessitates a different wardrobe than hot air ballooning, which necessitates a different wardrobe than a nice dinner. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some outfits submitted by Styleforum members that are the perfect date night outfit inspiration.

1. If you’re going tailored, nail it.

An outfit based around a poorly-fitting sport coat is worse than a great casual outfit, so if you’re trying to impress your date, don’t half-ass it. And unless you’re actually having a black tie dinner, avoid severe outfits – no black suits, please. A luminous blue or a pleasing grey is a fine choice, as are any number of odd jacket and trouser combinations. Here are some great examples to get your creative juices flowing.

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2. A Leather Jacket is Always Good

If you’re spending your time outdoors (or in) and the weather is nice enough, a leather jacket is a great option. You can wear a classic double-rider or moto with jeans, or with a shirt and trousers; and other, more experimental options may be a great way to work something new into your wardrobe. Besides, just about every guy looks good in a black leather jacket, and it’s one of those garments that just screams “touch me.”

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3. Go Casual

You don’t have to wear a suit (or a leather jacket) to look great. If you want to draw the eye, try a beautiful color instead of your standard black or grey, or aim for great texture. Again, try to let your personal style show through. You want to come off as you, not a giant reptile wearing the skin of a human. And as always, you want to be comfortable – so comfortable, both mentally and physically, that you’re focusing on having a good time with your date and not fidgeting with your clothing.

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