Japanese Streetwear Trends for Spring 2019

Spring is upon us, which means that it is time to clean out your closet, store the winter garments and make way for some new clothes. If you’re an ardent follower of fashion weeks, you probably already know that this season is full of some exciting trends.

We took a look at some of our favorite Japanese labels to understand what you’ll most certainly see on the Streetstyle&Denim forum in a few weeks. From predictable mainstays like trench coats to new street fashion fads, Japanese street-wear labels are taking fashion to the next level.

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Now, onto the list! Here are our picks from Japanese labels for Spring 2019:

Bucket Hats

It’s time to swap out your baseball cap for a bucket hat. These unassuming hats made a comeback in 2018 and judging from the catalogs of our favorite Japanese streetwear brands, they’re here to stay. From fast fashion brand UNIQLO to streetwear classic BAPE, there is a bucket hat for every man and every pocket.

Featured Items: NEIGHBORHOOD Flock C-Hat /  UNIQLO x JW Anderson Reversible Hat / Engineered Garments Dome Hat Hawaiian Floral Java Cloth


No color graced the runway more prominently than sage, and we can see why. Sage is understated, easily worn by virtually anyone, and is visually interesting. Depending on what you pair it with, sage pieces can be both classy and casual. Sure, you could argue that there were some other color trends this season, but given the choice between neon and sage, we’d rather stick with the latter for its versatility.

Featured Items: KURO Sulfur Dyed Nidom Mods Short Jacket / Engineered Garments Bedford Jacket / visvim Thorson Jacket Collage

Dad Jeans

Ditch your skinny jeans and gift yourself a comfortable pair of “dad jeans,” because they are back and not going anywhere. Looser-fit pants ruled the runways at fashion week, and we can see why. If you’re worried about looking too much like your dad, fear not: these don’t really look like anything you’d find in your father’s closet. Distressed denim, rolled-up cuffs and lighter washes will make sure you look more fashion-forward and less couch-heavy.

Featured Items: KURO Carver Heritage Wash Jeans / Blue Blue Japan Indigo Relaxed Pants / NAISSANCE Denim Wide Pants

Shorts, But Shorter

It’s getting warmer and soon you’ll be busting out shorts, but boy, it really got short on the runways for this season. Forget knee-length, we are talking short shorts. Hopefully, you haven’t been skipping leg day because the shorts in the collections of our favorite Japanese menswear brands go to at least mid-thigh and nothing longer.

Featured Items: Wacko Maria Swimming Shorts / NAISSANCE Satin Shorts / visvim Chino Shorts

Trench Coats

Trench coats have become the preferred outerwear of almost everyone we know and this was reflected on the runway for the Spring/Summer 2019 season. From simple and traditional pieces to boldly patterned choices, Japanese labels put out trench coats to suit every style.

Featured Items: NEIGHBORHOOD MIL-Duster C-Coat / NEEDLES Balmacaan Coat / Yohji Yamamoto Cotton Twill Big Fly Front Button Long Coat

Aloha Shirts

The weather is warming up and our sleeves are getting shorter and bolder. If our fashion maestros are to be believed, you should swap out some of your more conservative shirt choices for big and bold prints. No one will be making fun of your Hawaiian shirts with the tasteful designs that are hitting the collections this season, that’s for sure.

Featured Items: Blue Blue Japan Mount Fuji Aloha Shirt / visvim Free Edge Shirt / Wacko Maria Hawaiian Shirt

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  1. It is quite obvious by the photos that the “Homeless Style” is just as alive in Japan as it is in the USA. (same same).

    If the shoes caught on fire the pants would go unscathed, as the distance between the two are miles apart. This might reduce the cost of personal fire insurance. LOL.

  2. To quote Col. Nathan Jessep (A Few Good Men), “you’ve got to ask me nicely”. LOL…

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