Men’s Face Masks – Shopping Guide for the New Necessary Accessory

Shopping for face masks is only the latest of a series of habits that define our “new normal”.
We are now advised to cover our face partially in order to help slow the spread of coronavirus whenever we are outside in the presence of other people.
Face masks do not replace social distancing, which is still the most effective way to curb the spread, but they offer an additional layer of protection for both the wearer and the people around him/her. 
Since it is imperative at this stage that people do not buy and hoard medical equipment essential for frontline workers, we scoured the web (and our affiliate list) to find alternative options. These masks don’t take away equipment from front line workers, and they might help keep these companies afloat while they wait to resume their regular production.
If you’d rather try your hand at sewing following the tutorial of a tailor, check out this tutorial to create your own face mask using any cloth you like.
Happy shopping and stay safe.


The Armoury

Realized in colaboration with shirtmaker Ascot Chang, these masks are made of shirting fabric and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Coalition for the Homeless in New York City.
$20 each


These sartorial face masks double as pocket squares when you scrunch them and stuff them in your breast pocket, so you can always carry a spare or make sure you never drop it when it’s not in use.
starting from $19 each

Lux Gentleman

men's face masks shopping where to buy
Our Italian affiliates have been working on their own version of face masks made by hand using Italian shirting fabrics from Albini, Thomas Mason, Canclini, etc. Each mask features a removable and washable filter.
This project is no profit and the cost of the masks only covers material, handwork, and shipping from Italy.
$30 for 3 face masks

Proper Cloth

men's face masks shopping where to buy amazon eBay

These are antimicrobial 100% cotton masks with a removable non-woven 100% polypropylene filter. For every mask purchased on the website, Proper Cloth will donate one to a person working in the frontlines. Available in small and large.
$25 each 

The Hanger’s Project

Kirby Allison is bringing you luxurious face masks crafted in the United States using Dormeuil fabrics and a comfortable jersey lining. 
$35 for one face mask 


sartorial men's face masks shopping where to buy
These face masks come in a pack of 5 for $50 and you’ll also receive two cotton bags to store your clean and dirty masks so you don’t mix them up accidentally. The masks feature two layers plus a non-woven filter in the middle. Patterns and models vary. Made in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Each purchase funds a 1-for-1 donation for frontline workers.
$50 for 5 masks and 2 laundry bags

Begg & Co.

Created using 100% 14.7-micron cashmere. This luxurious face covering is superbly soft, machine washable, and entirely made in Scotland.
$135 each

Martin Greenfield

suit shirt men's face masks shopping where to buy

Made of densely woven 100% cotton shell and lining plus a non-woven polyester inside layer for extra filtration. They feature a nose wire for a snug fit and extra comfort.
For each 6-mask pack purchased, 6 masks will be donated to people who need them.
$108 for six masks

Serà Fine Silk

silk face mask

Using pocket square fabrics, Serà Fine Silk masks are made of 100% silk and feature an inner pocket to house a 100% Polypropylene filter (provided with the mask). Some models feature a metal nose wire for a perfect snug fit. 
Starting from $27 each

Fine and Dandy

cotton face mask for men

Made in NYC of 100% cotton, these face masks come in a variety of colors and patterns.
$19 for one face mask

The Tie Bar

shirting fabric face masks

These masks are made of 100% cotton from shirting fabrics. For every pack of 5 masks purchased, The Tie Bar will donate 5 face masks to frontline workers. 
$30 for 5 masks

Kiel James Patrick

preppy madras face mask
For those who’d rather go the preppy way, KJP’s face masks come in a myriad of patters including madras and chinoiserie. For every mask purchased, KJP will donate 25% to No Kid Hungry, an organization that is focused on helping hungry children who have lost access to school meals due to COVID-19.
$15 for one mask

Sharp & Dapper

These face masks are made in London, are made of cotton or linen, and they feature an inner pocket for a filter. They come in a variety of neutral solid colors as well as Japanese wave/fan patterns.
$17,50 each


Two-ply cotton masks made of tightly woven fabric. For each mask purchased, one is donated to a hospital worker.
$11 for each mask

Brooks Brothers

These face masks have been tested to filter 86% of particles of 0.3 microns. They feature a nose bridge and are made in the USA.
$20 for 5 face masks

Beau Ties

gingham shirt mask face men

Beau Ties’ masks come in the same patterns as their usual accessories; they feature a nose wire for a snug fit and ensure ample coverage. They come in adult and kid size. For each mask sold, $2 are donated to the CDP Covid-19 Response Fund.
$12 for one mask


Seersucker cotton available in multiple colors. It features a nose wire for a perfect fit.
$7.50 each

Older Brother

denim men's face masks shopping where to buy

These masks are made of organic Japanese cotton hand-dyed with indigo (there is also a chamomile-dyed version). Handmade in California, for each mask sold Old Brother will donate one. 
$45 for two masks


made in usa men's face masks shopping where to buy

These reversible face masks are made of woven microfiber polyester with spandex and are handcut and sewn in California. Tie strings make it more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
For each mask purchased, Birdwell will donate one to a worker on the frontlines.
$19.95 each


Produced from 100% European linen, 165gr / m2.  Masks are made from 3 layers of fabric with a pocket for a filter.
$11 + free shipping

Buck Mason

men's face masks shopping where to buy online
They offer two-layer cotton masks with an antimicrobial coating that lasts up to 30 washes.
$20 for 5 face masks

Citizens of Humanity

n95 men's face masks shopping where to buy
The 5-pack comes with a variety of colors including beige, denim, and black. These masks have no extra pocket for a filter.
$25 for 5 face masks


Made from a double layer of Premium thick British Cotton Twill with a pocket for a filter. Made in Australia,100% of the profits will be donated to Foodbank Victoria.
$20 each mask

Capra Leather

For those concerned about wearing a face mask in the heat, this leather brand based in Bogotà, Colombia, is one of the few makers offering a linen face mask.
The mask is made of two layers of linen and an inner non-woven fabric layer for filtration.
They also sell a rather badass leather face mask (which they claim is absolutely washable) if you’re into the Silence of the Lambs look.
$19 each mask

M. Patmos

A cozy knit mask with nose bridge and pocket for a filter. Made in Brooklyn and available in a variety of neutral colors. For each mask purchased, the brand donates a portion of the proceed to the NY Food Bank.
$28 each


Made of three layers of washable linen. Red stitching on the outside ensures the mask is worn the correct way.
$19 each

Zam Barrett

men's face masks shopping where to buy facemask
Styleforum affiliate Zam Barrett launched a series of face masks made in Brooklyn, N.Y. These masks are made of two layers and a pocket for an extra filter. They feature a nose wire for extra comfort and to ensure a perfect fit. Available in two sizes.
Starting from $25 each

Herschel Supply

Made with three breathable layers, the mask features a soft liner and a center sleeve that fits a standard air filter. It features a nose bridge to ensure a perfect fit. 100% of the proceeds go to charity. 
$14 each

Brave Star

jeans men's face masks shopping where to buy

For the denimheads out there: this mask features 10oz cone selvege denim for the shell and 4 oz black cotton lining.
$20 each

Naked and Famous

denim jeans men's face masks shopping where to buy

Made of 100% Japanese cotton chambray, these masks come in two sizes and feature two layers of fabric.
$17 each


denim jeans selvage men's face masks shopping where to buy
Another one for denim lovers: this mask is constructed of White Oak denim and features a moldable nose bridge and chin pleat for a perfect fit.
$45 each 

Rag & Bone

denim face masks streetwear

For a more streetwear look, Rag & Bone’s masks will do the trick. Each pack consists of three masks in three unique, upcycled fabrications of mixed linen and cotton. Each 3-pack mask purchase allows us to donate $15.00 to City Harvest and those most affected by COVID-19.
$55 for three masks

Hedley & Bennett

recycled men's face masks shopping where to buy
The brand, known for its aprons and chef gear, started making cotton masks to help people on the frontlines. The face masks are developed in partnership with an orthopedic surgeon and they feature a pocket for a filter (for which you can download a template on their website). With each purchase of a mask, H&B will donate one to a frontline worker.
$22 each

Railcar Fine Goods

These masks are made of thick gauge thread for extra durability and lined in cotton jersey for extra comfort. Available in two sizes and multiple models/patterns.
$20 each


streetwear men's face masks shopping where to buy

These 2-ply knit cotton masks feature an extra slot for a filter and they are available in three sizes and five colors.
$10 each


avocado men's face masks shopping where to buy
The mattress brand came out with a no-frill face mask made of organic cotton featuring a clean design and tie straps, which some people find more comfortable than earloops. Available in a family pack of 4 and in kid-sizes.
$23 for 4 face masks


These sleek face masks are made of 100% silk and feature a pocket for a filter. For every mask purchased, KES will donate one to New York frontline workers.
$17 each mask

Blue District

vegan sustainable face mask

Blue District self-proclaimed their masks the “most natural” on the market: they are made of 100% organic cotton sourced in the United States and they are free of dyes, chemicals, and bleach. It features a pocket for a filter and a generous nose bridge design for maximum comfort.
$24 each mask


A slightly fancier number made of crepe de chine that allegedly reduces the risk of blemishes and rashes, regulates the temperature, and is hypoallergenic. For every mask purchased, one is donated to an essential worker.
$43 each


Another hypoallergenic mask made from 100% organic cotton from a store that specializes in cotton garments for sensitive skin. Completely free from chemicals and latex, the mask’s ear loops can be adjusted to your desired fit. Available in white and grey melange.
$14 for 2 face masks

Artem Luxe

Triple-layered mulberry silk face mask available in a variety of neutral colors. Features a middle layer of melt-blown cotton for extra protection and a nose wire. 
$17 each

Natural Home

Silk/Cotton masks: each mask has a cotton side and a silk side and it’s reversible. According to the website, tightly woven cotton prevents particles from passing through gaps in the fibers, while silk provides an electrostatic charge which traps particles. Additionally, an inner pocket allows you to insert a filter for extra protection (filters are also available for purchase).
$20 each


These no-frill 2-ply cotton masks are breathable enough to be worn during your daily workouts. They come with a strap that allows you to wear the mask on your neck when you are able to keep social distancing.
$13.75 for 5 masks and a strap 


Adidas released a mask made of soft, breathable, and stretchy polyester. The tight fit secures the mask in place even during high-intensity workouts. Available in Small, Large, black and blue.
$16 for 3


An almost identical design for the Reebok mask, which sports a slightly bigger logo but a similar fit and fabric.
$20 for 3

Arctic Cool

If face masks are just not your thing, try a gaiter. It sits on your neck until you need to pull it up, and it’s made of an antimicrobial fabric that also keeps you cool.
$17.99 each


If your kids think you’re a superhero, this is your chance to fully embrace the title and make PPE a little bit more fun. This Etsy shop sells dozens of designs, including sports helmets and funky animals; they make face shields for kids as well as adults, in case the little ones struggle with cloth masks.
from $19.50 each

Face Shield Set

One of the most minimalistic designs and readily available on Amazon, this set consists of 5 frames and 10 face shields that entirely cover your face area.
$37.99 for 5 frames and 10 shields


A particularly useful model that you can keep lifted when not in use.
$12.99 for two face shields

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  1. Just got my Hertling masks in the mail. Used code MRSEANCROWLEY which gets you the Seersucker version. It is warming up outside after all.

  2. The stuff seems great and classy as well, my recommendation would be adding some clear face shield visors as well, with some artwork.

  3. Bilio makes a sophisticated mask with good filtration and a unique look and Oura gas a less complex but good filtering and better-looking mask. Expensive but some of the best protection. No mask will keep you completely safe.

  4. This is in shockingly poor taste. $135 cashmere face masks? If these companies want to do something to help they should be pumping out plain masks as fast as possible in the cheapest effective materials at cost or just enough to keep the lights on. I mean, SF always finds away to push affiliates but exploiting a worldwide pandemic to do so is an all-time low.

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      The face mask you are referring to is not sold by a Styleforum affiliate vendor, nor do we get commissions from this brand. It is a product made in Scotland by a heritage brand and we thought someone might appreciate it. Ultimately, we want to encourage people to wear face coverings and help them find some that might make the experience more tolerable.

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