Our Legacy fall/winter 2012.

With a handful of seasons now in the rear view, Our Legacy doesn’t need much of an intro. Since 2008, OL has put out eight collections of arty, northern European casual wear with diminishing hints of prep (nothing too cute or go-to-hell, more like chinos and button-down-collar shirts) and more and more use of unusual fabrics. In the last couple of seasons they’ve edged toward stronger texture and more refined raw materials, and some of the more interesting pieces have incorporated ethnic prints.

At Pitti, I talked through some of Our Legacy’s collection for 2012 with Jockum Hallin. Hallin told me their romanticized vision of the brand’s character is a guy, maybe a struggling artist, who manages a triumph–the sale of one of his finer creations. With the proceeds he decides to treat himself to a luxury: maybe a new coat, maybe a pair of English shoes. Then he incorporates that into the rest of his beat-up, work-worn starving artist’s wardrobe. It’s a new origin story for the high low mix Our Legacy does well–beautiful topcoats paired with less tailored pieces, for instance. Hallin said you’ll continue to see some of their perennial shapes: “great sweat” sweatshirts, similar shirt cuts, because returning customers demand them, but there are some new silhouettes, particularly in outerwear.

A dominant color in fall 2012 will be carmine red, and variations on it. OL had sweaters and shirts in variations on the tone, which was muddier than I expected, less the color of blood than of dried blood. Other pieces that jumped off the racks were more Northampton-made shoes, a shawl collar overcoat with closely spaced buttons in nubbly, water resistant wool, paisley shirt jackets (with pants to match, if you so choose), and a reversed star-print shirt. There’s a mix of spring and fall pieces in here, so keep an eye on ourlegacy.se because some will be available sooner than later.

Carmine red sweater

Camel topcoat in Casentino-ish wool.

The 3 roll 2 jacket gets a welt breast pocket rather than patch.


Paisley shirt jac.

Ethnic print, washed shirt (no button collar on this one).

OL will continue their work with Ebbets Field Flannels.

Reverse star print fabric shirt.

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