Pictures from the Styleforum Toronto Meetup

Ken Jim (@suitforcourt) and I (@casadisartoria) were honored to host a special event on Thursday, April 27th at Spier and Mackay in Toronto. The event was the culmination of our efforts to bring together the community we interact with on a daily basis in the ultimate Toronto thread on Styleforum, and I’m happy to have the chance to share some pictures from the Styleforum Toronto meetup. 

Ken was looking for someone to help plan a local meet-up and I heeded the call. Toronto’s menswear scene is vibrant and growing rapidly, but there just aren’t enough communal events in a given year to bring people together. This was our chance to get folks to come out and share their passion for menswear and lifestyle, classic or otherwise – and to showcase their penchant for style!

Spier and Mackay, a Styleforum regular and an Affiliate Vendor, graciously accepted our request to host the event. The turnout was great, albeit during an evening downpour, and everyone got a chance to put some SF handles to faces.

Although a small speck among the sartorial destinations of the world, many talented artisans and craftsmen call Toronto home. The intention of this event was to also introduce local SF members to these talented artists, and perhaps consider commissioning future pieces from them. Many travel long distances or wait for local trunk shows, which may not always be practical. If you’d like to learn more, Pedro Mendes of The Hogtown Rake has really dug deep to uncover local talents and feature them on his blog.

I’m thankful to everyone who attended and made it such a memorable evening. I will be taking the lead (along with Ken I hope) in planning similar events down the road to really bring the community together, and to introduce live demos by local artisans and craftsmen showcasing their skills.

Lastly, thanks to Spier and Mackay for hosting us. Here are some intimate moments captured from the evening.

Words and photos: Hamza Khan



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