Pitti preview.

Master of mild, PBS-approved travel Rick Steves advises his readers to “avoid Florence during the big events that bring enormous crowds. A huge fashion convention jam-packs the city twice a year.” This year, we are the rabble Rick Steves warned you about. Intrepid Styleforum editorial team Pete (shoreman1782) and Fok (LA guy) are winging their way across the Atlantic to preview fall/winter 2012 at Pitti Uomo, rub elbow patches with Florence’s finest, and bring back some tales from the shadow of the Duomo. We’ve got a room with a view (not shown), we’re skipping the Uffizi in favor of Tie Your Tie, and we have no interest in David, unless someone slips some soft Italian tailoring on his glorious shoulders. It will be difficult, but we’ll be on the grind for Styleforum’s sake.

Just a few of the lines and designers who will be present at Pitti this year:

  • Barena
  • Camoshita United Arrows
  • Paraboot
  • Luciano Barbera
  • L.B.M. 1911
  • Trickers
  • Jun Hashimoto
  • G.R.P.
  • Barba Napoli
  • Chester Barrie
  • Brunello Cucinelli
  • Joseph Cheaney and Sons
  • Drakes
  • Eton Shirts
  • Hentsch Man
  • Lidfort
  • Mackintosh
  • Valstar
  • Finamore Napoli
  • Il Bisonte
  • Isaia
  • Kiton
  • Luigi Borelli
  • Schneiders
  • Sciamat
  • Holubar
  • Nepenthes/Needles
  • Our Legacy
  • Rocky Mountain Featherbed
  • TS(S)
  • The Superior Labor
  • Bill Amberg

Duomo photo credit: Chris Yunker, flickr. All other photos by Pete Anderson.


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