Roger Moore: The 10 Best James Bond Outfits

Sir Roger George Moore, also knows as the “Gentleman’s Bond“, passed away a few hours ago in Switzerland. He was as much a style icon as he was a talented actor. Moore’s legendary safari outfits still inspire menswear aficionados and remain iconic in the James Bond series.

We are honoring his memory by sharing Roger Moore’s 10 best James Bond outfits (plus a bonus).

1) Man with the Golden Gun , 1974. If you’re a Styleforum member, your gaze will instantly shift to the left side of the image. The fit on that suit is impeccable, but the dimple-less tie is controversial.

2) Live and Let Die, 1973: A beautiful Chesterfield coat for your trips in town.

3) The Man With the Golden Gun, 1974 – Moore’s iconic tailored cream safari jacket.  You never know when you will be hunting.

4) The Man With the Golden Gun, 1974 – A plaid sport coat.  And lapels wide enough to use as weapons.

5) For Your Eyes Only, 1981 – Tailored pants on the slopes (of course.)

6) The Man With the Golden Gun, 1974 – An elegant double breasted dinner jacket in cream, Light colored tropical wool is perfect for beating the heat of a South East Asian adventure.

7) Live and Let Die, 1973 – A giraffe print tie AND no jacket?  That’s true courage.

8) Live and Let Die, 1973 – A black turtleneck. I wonder if Steve Jobs found his inspiration here.

9) The Man With the Golden Gun, 1974 – A camp safari shirt in pale green and Moore’s iconic flared pants. Gotta fit in with the locals during the seventies.

10) Moonraker, 1979 – Was this the first safari jacket to make it into space?


Bonus – Shout at the Devil, 1976 – A three-piece suit and straw panama hat for your garden parties.  Just to show that Moore’s style transcended his role as James Bond – he is just as well put together as Sebastian Oldsmith.

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2 thoughts on “Roger Moore: The 10 Best James Bond Outfits

  1. I’ve read a few articles today on Moore’s style on various sites. And, sadly, most of them have decided to focus on the more dated or humourous aspects of his wardrobe. I don’t take any of this too seriously (and I actually think Sir Roger would find it amusing). But, as a leading authority of men’s style online, don’t you think your analysis of his “best Bond outfits” deserved a little more effort? You could have discussed his Frank Foster shirts, the way his Bond introduced brands like Gucci to the franchise, so much more. Instead you went with the same tired “safari jacket” joke that Esquire used in his “tribute”. Lost opportunity, gentlemen, and he was much better than we may remember.

  2. Giraffe print tie, no jacket AND huge pit stain?
    Why was it that this made the list?

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