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Member Focus: Leanderthal

leanderthal styleforum ollisleander leanderthal member focus styleforum

This week, we feature another relative newcomer to Styleforum: Leanderthal, who can be found most often in the Classic Menswear WAYWT thread. In this installment, Leanderthal talks about inspiration, hobbies, and growing up – but more importantly, about why menswear is such an impactful part of his life. I grew up in a small rural

Member Focus: Diplomatic Ties

member focus diplomatic ties styleforum diplomaticties styleforum

Styleforum member Diplomatic Ties is, as you may expect, a fan of fine neckwear. However, he has more valuable insight to share than just how to pick your next tie. Here, he talks about growing up, finding your own style, and how to feel good in what you’re wearing. I don’t come from a background

Member Focus: Beepbop

beepbop member focus beepbop styleforum

Beepbop may be new to Styleforum – or at least to posting here – but he’s already proven to know his way around some of Streetwear & Denim’s favorite designers. With a taste for patchwork and embroidery, he’s brought some welcome color and quirk to the What Are You Wearing? thread. I got my start

Member Focus: Mr. Six

Mr. Six: impeccably dressed, impressively erudite, and friendly to boot. Although many of us might claim to be all three, it’s perhaps rarer than we’d like to admit. This week, a star of the Classic Menswear WAYWT thread shares a bit about his ongoing sartorial journey. I have a theory – probably wrong – that

Member Focus: Roycru

member focus roycru styleforum

Styleforum, meet the legendary Roycru. He’s well-known in the Classic Menswear WAYWT thread for his classic American style that has remained largely unchanged since the 60’s, as well as for his photos of trains. Here, he talks about receiving compliments, and about his own enduring style. We have all received compliments on what we are

Member Focus: Stanley van Buren

stanley van buren member focus styleforum

One of the more (in)famous Styleforum posters, Stanley van Buren is perhaps best-known for his over-the-top photography and dedication to the true art of the Styleforum WAYWT photo. Inspirations for his pictures have ranged from film noir to B-Movie action flicks, and in all cases, he and his wife have made a strong argument for

Member Focus: Mossrockss

mossrockss member focus mossrockss styleforum

Styleforum member @mossrockss is probably best-known for always looking good in a blazer in jeans. He exists in the very nonchalant space between East Coast Ivy and Neapolitan tailoring, and is as popular on Styleforum for being A Very Nice Guy as he is for his well-considered outfits. Here, he talks about the three pillars

Member Focus: Frank Cowperwood

This week, we’re pleased to introduce you to @FrankCowperwood, a man who has become, over the last year or two, a standby in the Streetwear WAYWT, in addition to sharing his wisdom throughout the rest of Styleforum. He’s known for his fine taste in shoes, his embrace of color, and his individual style. Here, he

Member Focus: Man of Kent

man of kent styleforum

For a long time, Man of Kent has been featured on the banner for Streetwear & Denim, which should give you a sense of how diverse that particular subforum can be. While these days he mostly wears a blend of workwear pieces from different parts of the globe, he had his beginnings in Classic Menswear,

Member Focus: Cotton Dockers

Another across-the-board Styleforum participant, @Cotton Dockers regularly shares outfits that run the spectrum from CM to SW&D and everything in between. His style is relaxed but put together, and he’s come up with a look that’s both consistent and all his own. Having a longtime interest in clothing never stopped me from consistently buying garbage. I