How to Look Great on New Year’s Eve

At Styleforum’s global headquarters, we’re exposed to a great deal of really bad advice on how to look great on New Year’s Eve. It’s understandable – we’re constantly exposed to a great deal of really bad menswear advice in general. However, when we see suggestions as egregious as, for example, “Dress up your business casual by wearing a dinner jacket with chinos,” we do feel compelled to intervene.

Now, there’s no foolproof way to look great on New Year’s Eve, just as there’s no longer any foolproof way to look great all the time, period. After all, we don’t know what your plans are. You could be attending one of the ubiquitous 1920’s balls that pop up year after year. You may plan to arrive at a costume party festooned in peacock feathers (in which case, please invite us). You may be headed to a frat party (in which case, you have our pity). You may plan to spend the evening at home with loved ones. Our point is that there are no hard-and-fast rules for New Year’s Eve, aside from what you find written inside your party invitation. Frankly, that’s what makes it kind of fun.

Nevertheless, for those of us without glamorous balls to attend or kegs to stand upon, there may be a happy medium. New Year’s Eve is a chance for revelry and – dare we say it – hedonism, and at Styleforum we recommend you embrace that spirit in whichever form you see fit. Here are a few tips on how to look great when the lights go dim and the champagne starts to flow.

Outfit Tips

Avoid Office-Wear

Maybe this isn’t the time to wear a charcoal notch-lapel jacket and your well-worn chinos. It’s New Year’s Eve! Live a little! We’re not saying you have to wear a purple velvet suit (although you certainly could), but at least a pair of black jeans will look more festive than khaki trousers.

If you’re looking for a simple way to elevate your existing wardrobe but you don’t want to wear a tuxedo, consider sporting a trim black turtleneck under your sport coat. These look great with both solid colors and subtle patterns, and it’s an easy and inexpensive way to gussy up what you’ve got already.

Ditch your beat-up selvage denim

Bet you never thought we’d say that, but unless you’re taking cues for our most recent holiday outfit suggestion, consider hanging up your well-worn denim in favor of something a bit more polished. The aforementioned black jeans are one option, as are, y’know, trousers – black or navy are a good bet.  And on that note…

Embrace Dark Colors

Eveningwear tends to be dark, and for good reason – deep, lustrous colors pick up on the limited light sources that accompany a festive atmosphere without looking washed out or gaudy, have a more formal appearance, and are generally more forgiving under harsh light. That doesn’t mean you have to wear black, though – in fact, we recommend against it unless you’re wearing a tuxedo. Navy is a far more appropriate color for evening than grey, and midnight blue is a true classic for a dinner jacket or tuxedo. If you’re after something a bit more spirited, deep purples, navies or burgundies are rich and eye-catching without being gaudy. Options for your consideration include velvet and sharkskin, both of which look fantastic after dark.

Pay Attention to Your Shoes

We have read, on websites that shall not be named, that shoes don’t matter because nobody is going to look at your feet. Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Shoes are one of the few areas in which we regularly encourage our readers to engage in what could be construed as irresponsible spending, and one of the reasons is that people absolutely do notice what’s on your feet – including you. New Year’s Eve is an occasion that asks a bit more from us than our beat-up Converse sneakers.

Forego the chukkas, forego the pristine Common Projects, and try a pair of sleek black boots or even evening slippers for a more celebratory tone (or pumps, if you’re in a tuxedo). If you’re wearing a suit or tux, black wholecuts are always an elegant option, although oxfords – without a toe-cap – are also a solid choice for a formal occasion, and are much more versatile than a patent shoe.

Try Not To Overdo It

Seriously. Go ahead and wear that snakeskin-print dinner jacket if you want to. We can’t think of a more fitting occasion. However, we do feel compelled to warn you of the perils of over-accessorizing. The horrible truth is that you’re probably not as cool as Captain Jack Sparrow, and that few of us look nice when dripping in sparkly things.

Further Advice

Know Your Audience

Remember when we said we didn’t know what your plans are? You’re going to have to make your own judgement calls on what is or isn’t appropriate for your NYE plans. f you’re having people over for a night of board games, maybe don’t wear a tuxedo. Likewise, if you’re going out to a nice dinner with evening plans, don’t go in PJ’s. See what we’re saying here?

Wear Something You’re Comfortable In

Every year, we see photos of revelers in ridiculous themed outfits, star-shaped stunna shades, and intentionally absurd get-ups. In many of these images, tucked away in a shameful back corner, you can spot a party-goer who wasn’t quite feeling it. Maybe they didn’t really think they looked all that good in a fishnet bodystocking. Maybe they weren’t sold on the “Warning: May Contain Alcohol” t-shirt their friend insisted they wear under their jacket. Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin doesn’t lend itself to great style, and more importantly, it doesn’t lend itself to having a great time. If you really want to look great on New Year’s Eve, make sure that your outfit, even if it’s a party outfit, feels like you.

If that means ignoring everyone one of these pieces of advice, you have our blessing. We’d rather you have a great time in untied sneakers and a pair of gym shorts than feel like a schmuck in the finest tux.


Last, But Not Least

If you’re going to a black tie event…wear black tie.

From all of us at Styleforum, have a happy, stylish – and SAFE – New Year’s Eve!

Velasca’s Holiday Alternatives


Hi, this is me: I’m a man in my late twenties. I grew up in a business-oriented city, have been traveling the world when I can take a few days off from my studies (and now from my job), only to end up working in the same city that I tried to move away from many times.

I’m a manager of a startup company who really cares about dressing up, drinking the right cocktail at the right time, and going on dates for wine after 6:30pm.

I’m not crazy enough, really. I’m rational, and as with my job, restaurants, and plans in general: I have to have alternatives. I had to realize this pretty early in my youth, when I had to start doing it all by myself: paying for my own bills, flights, escapes, and gifts.

Yeah, gifts, I really like those. Have you ever imagined working for a company that crafts clothes? And being there, watching the process, from designing a model on a piece of paper to seeing the final product packed into a box?


In 2016, my dream of working for a fashion company came true. I’m with the guys of Velasca: a made in Italy brand at its finest. I can try on the prototypes before going into the market, and then drop an unexpected pair of shoes off to my friends and family.

While spending time in my department, I’ve learned that you need alternatives in fashion as well. It’s not just a matter of style ― your clothes have to go along with the occasion you’re attending, whether it be a casual dinner or grand wedding. You need variants. Maybe the weather will shift or even the location of an event will change at the last minute.

For this reason, I usually research the perfect outfit with at least one ‘Plan B’ ready to go. This Christmas, I got invited to my uncle’s place with the rest of the family. You know, a typical Italian atmosphere where everyone cooks his/her own food (and there’s always a lot of food); there are the classic tunes and tree, the talks and the gifts. And as always, I’ll wear a nice pair of leather shoes:

1. Velasca Chelsea Boots


I might take my motorcycle by myself to ride straight towards the house. It’s not a long way there. A pair of Velasca chelsea boots would be perfect, to go with a white cotton shirt, a blue pullover, and some grey woolen pants. Very easy, and casual without looking sloppy – always appropriate for a dinner with family.

2. Velasca Cap-Toe Oxfords


Or, it’s possible that I’ll have to pick up my grandmother at her house; by car, of course. In that case, Velasca’s full grain leather oxfords with a rubber sole would be my choice. They’ve been a standy for ages, and I really like the model we came up with. No need to completely change my outfit: I might wear a pair of blue pants to stay classy.

3. Velasca Derbies


What if we’re not celebrating Christmas at the house anymore, and we’re moving at the very last minute to some friend’s restaurant? It happens, especially since it’s impossible to find a reservation around the Holidays. Well, I’d like to get noticed in a dining room full of strangers and my family. If that happens, I’ll wear my Velasca derbies. They’re unique and classic at the same time.

See, you always need to have alternatives. Keep it in mind.



Holiday Parties With House of Kydos

Dear Friends,

With festivities already underway, have you decided yet on what to wear during the holiday events? Paris, the family’s voice behind necktie maker the House of ΚΥΔΟΣ (that’s “Kydos”), has prepared an outfit for each event using his personal wardrobe and selected ties and accessories from our AW’16 collection.

Styleforum members can use code sf2016 for a 15% discount on all items until the 18th of December.  Tax Free prices (that is 24% less) are always available for all non-EU shipments.

Family Dinner

Family dinner has always been our family’s highlight moment of the year. It is the time when we all gather together around the fireplace, relaxing and contemplating the events of the year, making plans and discussing dreams for the year to come. The men always wear casual jacket or a cardigan, so here is a combination that I am contemplating for this year’s dinner: a brown herringbone jacket with white shirt, a blue silk tweed tie, a blue silk pocket square with a traditional Greek pattern, and a lapel pin in colors which can be found both in the tie’s weave and in the pocket square’s design.

kydos styleforum holiday office party silk tweed tie


The KYDOS unlined, 8-fold necktie used has been created solely by hand sewing, using the same knowledge and skill our great grandfather used over a century ago. The silk – with a small quantity of wool, viscose and linen – has been spun at Como, and as per custom, only 33 ties of this design and color have been created.

In Greece there is a long tradition of embroidery, with designs varying among regions, local traditions and social or economic status. This specific pocket square has been designed in-house based on our family’s inherited embroidery. The design, which symbolizes fertility (hoopoe), the passage of life (ship) and youth (flowers), originates from the island of Skyros, where the ruling class’ families created such designs for adornment, but in secrecy both to avoid copying and to preserve them over the passage of time. Using silk spun at the Greek silk village of Soufli, we created two more color variations in burgundy and in green. Then, our seamstress hand-rolled their edges for an elegant finish.

Office Party

Office parties have already started, with lawyers and bankers leading the way.  A classic, deep blue single button suit looks proper to blend in with the crowd. A burgundy necktie is an ideal choice for a touch of elegance. A personalized, hand-embroidered white pocket square, folded in a “sails” shape, can add a playful note.

kydos styleforum holiday office party burgundy silk tie

 The burgundy tie is – as are all Kydos’ premium ties – totally unlined, 8-fold, and 100% hand sewn in house, in a process that can take up to 4 hours for each necktie to be completed. All edged have been hand rolled with an invincible seam so meticulous that the points of the blades are perfectly shaped, and with the aid of a silk monk’s stitch the tie’s layers join together creating perfectly balanced folds.

As you may have noticed, the white cotton pocket square is not simply hand rolled. Its edges have been hand embroidered by our seamstress for a very unique and elegant finis,h and in this case my monogram has been hand embroidered as well to make the pocket square even more personal.

New Year’s Eve

kydos styleforum holiday office party black velvet bow tie

New Year’s Eve is usually the most glamorous night of the three. Our plans though are different this year, as we will host a house party without a defined dress code, so the tuxedo will have to wait for now. Being the host, a navy jacket with some texture will be combined with a black silk velvet bow tie and a formally-folded white Egyptian cotton pocket square.

This pre-tied bow tie, which is also 100% hand sewn, has been created using the finest silk velvet and silk satin. The intention has been to create a visual effect by combining two different weaves, the velvet for the front bow and the satin for the back bow.

The white Egyptian cotton pocket square can be either hand rolled or can be hand embroidered and personalized. Here it has been hand embroidered using blue thread both for the edges and the monogram.

Wishing Happy Holidays to all of you and your families from sunny Greece!

 – Paris Anastopolous, House of ΚΥΔΟΣ