Weekend Reading from Around the Web: August 27, 2017

If you didn’t get a chance to read these pieces, you’re missing out. This weekend, broaden your mind with some diverse writing on men’s fashion.

jun takahashi new york times styleforum weekend reading

Photo: The New York Times

Jun Takahashi: The Sorcerer of Fashion // The New York Times

Gaby Wood explores the world of Japanese artist Jun Takahashi, and places the designer’s personal history alongside that of his brand, Undercover.


“Undercover’s early shows were run guerrilla-style, in warehouses and parking lots, with friends turning up to model, many of them drunk and argumentative. The press was relegated to the back row, while Takahashi’s cohort of fans sat in front, on the floor.”

riki brockman styleforum weekend reading

Photo: GQ

Meet Riki Brockman, the Future of Savile Row // GQ

In June, Riki Brockman, a relative newcomer to Savile Row, won the 25th Golden Shears. His is a name you’ll no doubt see more in the coming years, so take this chance to familiarize yourself with his background if you haven’t already. 


“Outside of work I wear ripped jeans, a cap and a bomber jacket, and I suppose I don’t look like a traditional cutter from Savile Row. I love making suits and the tradition, but it doesn’t dictate who I am or how I dress. There are rules to tailoring, but as long it’s made from tailored cloth, it’s tailored.”

Stefano Ricci styleforum weekend reading

Photo: Stefano Ricci

Heritage And Fine Craftsmanship With Stefano Ricci And The $100,000 Bag // Forbes

In the world of menswear, heritage and tradition have become as sought after as brand names, if not more so, and luxury brands have begun to struggle with how best to preserve their history. In this piece, read about Stefano Ricci’s take on balancing the modern and innovative with the traditional.


“In 2009, Stefano Ricci purchased the silk factory which fittingly dates back to the 14th century. Just as the process of the cocoon of the worm fed with mulberry leads to the silk fabric itself, innovation continues with the considerable work of experienced hands and the unique formation of the very often made-to-measure cloths to fulfill the desires  of the most refined clientele. Indeed, how a company manages it’s skilled artisans can tell you a lot about the state of its stability and progression.”

Photo: Jack Nichol

‘Extreme ironing’ adds challenging wrinkle to a simple hike // KOMO news

Have you ever considered dragging an ironing board out into the middle of the wilderness? No? Well, consider it.


“We were immediately faced with the problem of getting the ironing board out of the hotel through the lobby, which Paul solved by wrapping a coat around the board, and his arm around the coat, as if he were walking his ‘date’ to dinner.”