Boston City Map


Welcome to Styleforum’s City Maps! Remember that these lists are not definitive. They have been chosen by our editorial staff to reflect what we believe our community will appreciate. We are open to suggestions, and are aware that shops close and re-open regularly. If you have a store suggestion or a comment to share, let us know in the comment section.ย 

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Arianna Reggio

Arianna Reggio

Arianna is an Italian trapped in Southern California, and she's still trying to cope with the fact she's living in a country where they put pineapples on pizza. She is into both Style AND Fashion, but she hardly ever writes about it because all her free time is spent between yoga, rock concerts, and Victorian poetry.
August 30, 2016


  1. Josh

    September 12, 2016

    No Caramelo?!

    • Fok-Yan Leung

      September 14, 2016

      I don’t know the store (Boston map was my making) so I don’t have it on there. I will add it when I have a moment though. Looks like a nice local place.)

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