Last-Minute Gifts You Can Still Get Delivered By Christmas

The clock is ticking: Christmas is on Friday and if you have not finished your Christmas shopping, your options are narrowing by the minute. Here are some last-minute suggestions for the loved ones you find hard to shop for, and for those persons you don’t like that much in the first place. I’ve only chosen items that, if you shop RIGHT NOW, can get to the intended recipient before Christmas, albeit at a premium and assuming the USPS doesn’t collapse in the coming days.

This year, it seems that Zoom family get-togethers are inevitable, and at the very least, you can avoid having to make awkward excuses and blame it on AT&T if you have to pull a figurative as well as literal plug on the virtual celebrations. Also, don’t bother asking: I don’t know how to get a PS5 either.

  1. Yeah, everyone uses toothpaste, but how about Italian Marvis toothpaste for subtle flavors? A nice change of pace from the minty tang most North Americans are accustomed to.  My wife likes lavender, as a single point of reference, but if you are like me (that is, North American through and through) and just can’t stray too far from mint, they have that as well, however more subtle and less tear-inducing than its American counterpart.

2. If someone hasn’t gotten me a present yet, you can definitely get me this French Press by Tom Dixon. I’ve been drinking a modest 3 cups a day, switching between pour overs, the Aeropress, and a French press. However, if I had to choose just one, it would be the French press: I like the deep, earthy flavors that you can get from this extraction method. Bonus? You can top off your coffee.

  1. Stay-at-home orders have deemed slippers the most essential form of footwear this year. I think that I’ve spent more time in fuzzy slippers this winter than I have any other year. These wool felt slides from the very on-trend Birkenstocks have the added bonus of being hands-free – particularly convenient if your hands are busy topping up the aforementioned caffeinated beverage. This Christmas, give the gift of sloth.

  1. I’m not sure what the theme song for 2020 would be. Maybe the chilling 20 seconds of Raven Symone laughing while eating a rolled-up sandwich at the end of an Instagram Live, with Mozart’s Lacrimosa playing over it all.  In any case, why not play it on a new Marshall speaker that looks a lot like an old Marshall speaker, which has a great black and white feeling to it that could easily translate into a very dark home movie.

  1. When I was a kid, tees, underwear, and socks for Christmas meant that Mom thought that I was growing out of basics, found a good sale at Sears, and decided that anything bought in December would go under the tree.
    These Merz B. Schwanen Tees can’t be bought at Sears, and they are not on sale (though I would encourage you to look at the No Man Walks Alone thread for the latest Styleforum discount code), and anyone who appreciates quality basics will not be disappointed.

  1. Over the course of the pandemic, everyone got a hobby.  Some people baked endless loaves of sourdough.  I learned how to sharpen knives to a hair-poppingly sharp edge.  My wife does not love this hobby, but her kitchen knives are razor sharp.  For the obsessive man, give him the gift of a new hobby and mirror shined shoes with Kirby Allison’s Saphir Shoeshine Starter Kit. 

  1. Facemasks. Barring the dandy highwaymen amongst us, most of us have way more masks than we did in February 2020, but there are probably gaps in our facemask wardrobes.  Even the highwaymen probably do not have these Ascot Chang for the Armoury facemasks. I wonder it’s better to match your facemask to your shirt, or should you never do that. It’s a whole new realm of sartorial etiquette to be argued about ad nauseum.

  1. I’ve spent more time outdoors this year than a lot of other years. It’s much safer for even social distanced meetups, and frankly, has saved a lot of people from going absolutely bananas. I’ve been throwing free throws every day during the summer and deep into fall (I even did that today, but ymmv for cold weather tolerance).  I’ve used the basketball net in my driveway way more than in the ten years previous, combined. This pair of Jacques Marie Mage glasses are not only beautifully made, but will give your giftee something to look forward to wearing when the weather gets better again.
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Fok is an owner of Styleforum. He abuses his authority regularly. Once, he persuaded Arianna to eat a chalupa, something she will never forgive. He wears heavy leather and denim, just in case the zombie apocalypse starts when he is writing an article.
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Fok is an owner of Styleforum. He abuses his authority regularly. Once, he persuaded Arianna to eat a chalupa, something she will never forgive. He wears heavy leather and denim, just in case the zombie apocalypse starts when he is writing an article.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the suggestions. I love slipper and the shoe shining kit idea because slipper are for staying comfortable at home. And the shoe shining kit is also good because it makes your shoes look like a new and that’s the best part of our personality.

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