Styleforum’s “I forgot and I need something right now” Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide for men.

At this time, as Christmas approaches, I start to get antsy.  There is invariably gifts I forgot to send.  There is the always welcome “Send Paypal” option, but if you want to actually send something overnight, or close to, a few retailers are pretty reliable for this.  Unfortunately, this limits you to the “big boys”, big online retailers that can deliver reliably three days or less.  Among these are the giant, Amazon, and then big specialty retailers like Matches Fashion (which ships usually in under 3 days to the US from the UK), and Mr. Porter, which is offering free overnight shipping until Christmas for the real procrastinators.

Here are a few gift ideas that will still get under the Christmas tree in time for the big reveal. 

For your father: A Brooks Brothers Signature Tartan Travel Case

Fathers can be hard to shop for.  My father claims that he doesnt need any stuff.  But I’m sure that he still shaves and brushes his teeth.  And when he travels, I’m pretty sure that this subdued leather and tartan travel case will keep both his razor and his toothbrush in better shape than would that little plastic ziplock bag that TSA insists encases his toothpaste and deodorant. 

For your significant other/better half:  A Barack Obama Pendleton Blanket $370 at

Apparently, and I did not know this, but the marriage between Michelle and Barack Obama (Remember that guy? Liked basketball, asked for Dijon mustard on his cheeseburgers, wore mom jeans, from a few years back?) is lauded as a #relationshipgoal.  I had no idea until my social media manager told me.  Anyway, that gave me the idea that a good last minute gift for your significant other might be a Barack Obama Pendleton blanket – , available only, as far as I can tell, from UK online retailer Matches Fashion, which ships to pretty much anywhere in the US at lightspeed.  Not an Obama fan?  Not a worry, it’s just a really cool Pendleton blanket with a traditional black design that will keep you both cozy.

For your sanity: Master & Dynamic MH40 wireless headphones, $550 at 

I actually got this idea from one of wife’s colleague, who uses headphones to keep out the looped Christmas playlist that pervades all public spaces this time of year.  I personally love Christmas music, but I hate Christmas travel, and I hate it even more when people try to talk to you on the plane.  So, stick these on, and close your eyes, and they won’t even try.

For your mother: Cire Trudon candles, $71-83 each on

There are a lot, and I mean, a lot, of candle companies out there, and you might be tempted to buy your mother that very modern candle that has gasoline base notes and is housed in an all black ceramic holder.  Unless you know that your mother is really into that, it’s better to stick with more traditional scents like sandalwood, cedar, jasmine, rose, incense, citrus, and so on, that have appealed to our olfactory sense for centuries.  Cire Trudon, France’s oldest candlemaker, made the candles for Napoleon’s wedding, so you are unlikely to go wrong. Plus, the traditional royal blue or moss green with gold crest add a festive touch.  If you get four, Matches fashion packs them very nicely in a set.

For your brother: Quoddy Shearling lined Fireside mocassins, $180 from

Buying footwear as a gift is fraught with danger.  Shoe sizes vary across the board, as do feet.  A rare exception to this are slippers, houseshoes, and moccassins.  There is no requirement that they will be a perfect fit, unless you are doing some seriously questionable things in your lounge clothes.  These will keep feet warm all winter long, and since they are outfitted with a lightweight Vibram sole, will even allow you brother to go out onto his porch with his coffee and decide that nah, shovelling the driveway can wait a few hours.

And there we have it.  Five gifts that will save your hide and your sanity too boot.  Go forth and be a gift giving winner rather than whatever sorry state you might be in right now.

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Fok is an owner of Styleforum. He abuses his authority regularly. Once, he persuaded Arianna to eat a chalupa, something she will never forgive. He wears heavy leather and denim, just in case the zombie apocalypse starts when he is writing an article.

5 thoughts on “Styleforum’s “I forgot and I need something right now” Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide for men.

  1. Fok-Yan Leung, your gift ideas are awesome.
    I clicked on the image of the Brooks Brothers Signature Tartan Travel Case and the site appeared, however, there was no price available and it noted, “not available in selected quantity. Are you aware of the cost for one?

    The Barack Obama Pendleton Blanket appears quite stunning and I would imagine large enough for two to snuggle-up with. “RELATIONSHIPGOAL” is quite reflective of Barack and Michelle’s marriage, as he appeared to invest heavily into fidelity and commitment to the one woman he chose as a life partner.

  2. Hi Raleigh. I checked the link just now, and it worked for me. The price is $148, which is eminently reasonable considering the competition and the fact that it’s a leather tartan mix. The price of a canvas Filson washbag (my regular travel washbag) is $125, just for comparison

  3. Not to be contrarian but while I certainly like the looks of the Brooks bag, it’s not all that great a deal. It’s made overseas (unspecified) and is a mix of leather and tartan (rather than fully leather which is usually more expensive).

    Ten seconds on Google, I found a US made, Horween (top US leather tannery) full leather bag for $98 (regularly $128):

    For leather accessories, there are a lot of really good small US companies make top notch stuff these days for prices often less than Coach, Tumi, Brooks etc. Styling of course is a very personal decision but in terms of material and workmanship, they offer excellent value, imho.

    • Hi Ash, Thanks for your comment. I agree that there are plenty of excellent deals from many small domestic brands. However, this is not an article about getting the best deal, a topic that we discuss on the forum ad nauseum. This is a list of Christmas gifts for the procrastinator in all of us. Unfortunately, I’ve found that shipping times can vary considerably from the stated shipping times for the smaller brands, and the last thing you want a week out from Christmas is additional stress as you wait for an item to ship, and then follow its progress across the country. So I limited my list to those companies with which I have experienced consistently speedy and reliable shipping and usually beautiful presentation.

      If you are a true procrastinator, and if your father has been especially good to you, maybe spring for this handsome, two tone all leather Globetrotter washbag, made in England: Mr Porter is offering free overnight shipping, which means that you can really walk the razor’s edge if you’d like.

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