Spezzato: Mixing Suits like an Italian

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Spezzato: the past participle of the verb to break in Italian. Many things can be broken, both in the Italian and English language: a vase, a mirror, a heart, a dream. However, one thing the Americans and the Brits do not break, unlike their Mediterranean fellow menswear enthusiasts, is the suit. To the Anglophone population,

Anu Elizabeth on Menswear for Women

Anu Elizabeth on menswear for women styleforum women in menswear

You may recognize Anu Elizabeth from Styleforum’s regular Pitti coverage; as one of the tradeshow’s well-dressed female attendees she makes her way into a lot of pictures. She’s often found in tailored clothing, which prompted Arianna to reach out for a discussion about what inspires her stylistic decisions, and how she thinks about menswear on

Aperitivo Style: Dress for Italy’s Favorite Pastime

You might have heard the word “aperitivo” once or twice if you have Italian friends, as it is a common word we use to describe the light snack, usually accompanied by an alcoholic beverage, which predates dinner. My job today is to describe in detail what aperitivo implies, so that Americans can hopefully adopt this

Grenadine Fabric: History, Tradition, and Ties

grenadine tie como fabric what is

There is no question that grenadine ties have become a staple in many wardrobes: they brighten up a dull outfit with their particular texture, they rarely collide with other patterns, and they are oftentimes an excellent option when you’re unsure about the accessory to choose. But what exactly is grenadine? First of all, grenadine is

Absurdly Expensive Men’s Shoes to Buy Right Now

Sometimes, there is nothing more satisfying than window-shopping for things we will never buy. How many times have we stared in awe at the window of a prestigious boutique, like a kid in front of a candy store, despite knowing we’ll never enter the realm beyond those automatic glass doors? I present to you the

Seersucker: Sartorial Athleisure

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Once again, as with the Solaro fabric we wrote about earlier, we have to thank British colonialists for bringing us seersucker, one of the most  appreciated summer suiting cloths.  The British adopted the use of this traditional fabric from India as a summer option for their clothes and textiles . “Seersucker” is the combination of the Persian

5 Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

tips make clothes last longer

We all know that you can build a long-lasting wardrobe by buying clothes that are good quality and are meant to last more than a few seasons in style. To truly ensure that your clothes last as long as you’d like to wear them, you need to take proper care of them. Here are 5 tips to make

Your Guide to Neapolitan Jacket Characteristics

The Internet has played a crucial role in introducing menswear aficionados to the visual nuances that permeate tailoring traditions – whether they come from the good old UK or the sunny shores of Naples, and the Neapolitan jacket has undeniably grown in popularity for men who shop and appreciate classic menswear. The following is a

How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring can be a difficult, stressful experience – especially if you decide to go in on a surprise and not on a trip to Tiffany & Co. with your significant other. Here are a few useful tips to narrow down the options, followed by examples of both classic and unconventional types