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Peter works in construction, but has an extensive collection of custom suits which he gets so that he can wear suits on the weekend. Even though he lives in San Francisco, he has never used the word "impact" as a verb. He writes about classic menswear and is one fedora away from being a complete dork.

Post Pitti Uomo 96 – Afterthoughts

Photo credit Andreas Klow

In this photo at Harry’s Bar in Firenze, Jake Grantham is laughing. You don’t know why, or with whom, because the left side of the photo has been cut off. But if you were there, you’d be laughing too, relishing that memorable night of negronis and hysterics, right along with everyone else.

Pitti is, of course, work – for writers and photographers, buyers and sellers, and all the support staff at the Fortezza. New wares are paraded, orders are taken, contracts are signed, and so it repeats, twice a year, as it has for over thirty years, like a carousel that never ends.

But what a fun ride it is! And you know the secret room in the middle? That’s where the parties happen, and the room is full of fascinating people, captivating in all their completely off-topicness; where silly antics ensue and eyebrows are raised in accidental innuendo with a heavy dose of good-natured ribbing, and well-wishes are offered with glass rims.

That’s the Pitti I enjoy, and what I tried to capture a little by camera but mostly via Instagram Stories. A static feed, like many forms of media, is a tightly curated method of disseminating information, and while this obviously has its benefits, it presents at best a two-dimensional view. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but its prose is shallow. Live and extemporaneous video allows the personalities of those so often captured in photo to shine freely, unbound and unfrozen, couched in context and surrounded in sound. For example, did you know that Wei Koh loves Toto? Or that Greg Lellouche wears an undershirt? Take a look at the Pitti96 highlights for all that, and upcoming releases from various brands in the booths.

Someone asked if there are still the peacocks, to which I could not but confirm. However, the world already has more than enough bile and deprecation, and while some of the outfits might merit a few jibes, I wished rather to focus on things that please me. Fortunately, at Pitti, I was not wanting for options, only time. I hope you enjoyed this season’s coverage as much as I did, and if you have any comments or suggestions for next time, feel free to leave it in the comments below. Until then, here are a few pictures from the streets of Florence to tide you over.

Having fun with Lino. Photo credit p_wijk
A chat with Simon. Photo credit p_wijk
Shirley Temple, anyone? Photo credit p_wijk
A toast from Andreas
The enviably hirsute Milad
Via Faenza, Florence. Photo credit p_wijk
Andreas after a long day’s work. Until next time, Florence…
Photo credit p_wijk

Pitti Uomo 96 Streetstyle Photos – Part 3

The first and second days of Pitti are insane – meetings, parties, and press. The third day slows down dramatically, and by the fourth day, everyone just wants to go home. Presently on the train to Rome to start my trip home, I’m just now realizing that I mostly trawled the booths to take as much advantage of the air conditioning as I could. I should have taken more pictures, but I did catch a lot of video, so check out the stories on Styleforum’s Instagram on these makers:

  • Craftsman Clothing
  • Amidé Hadelin
  • Freenote Cloth
  • Man 1924
  • Valstar
  • Stefano Cau
  • Made With Hart
Andreas in the swealtering heat.
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Pitti Uomo 96 Day 2 – Streetstyle

The days and nights are flying by. Plaza Uomo held an event at the Palazzo Budini Gattai, a 16th century that was built and is still owned by the eponymous family. The next day a few of us got a chance to sneak away from the madness. Andreas Klow (@flannelsandtweed) and Aleks Jovanovich (@aleksjj) and I rented scooters for a jaunt in the Tuscan countryside, and later that evening enjoyed good company with Matt Hranek from W.M. Brown Project and Douglas Cordeaux from Fox Brothers hosted a party where everyone ended up parting ways with a smile on their face.

Check out the StyleForum Instagram feed for stories. These photos are from the evening of day one to the evening of day two. Thanks to Andreas and Aleks for sharing their pics when this third-rate pretend-photographer was slacking off.

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