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Welcome to Styleforum’s City Maps! Remember that these lists are not definitive. They have been chosen by our editorial staff to reflect what we believe our community will appreciate. We are open to suggestions, and are aware that shops close and re-open regularly. If you have a store suggestion or a comment to share, let us know in the comment section

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Arianna Reggio

Arianna Reggio

Arianna is an Italian trapped in Southern California, and she's still trying to cope with the fact she's living in a country where they put pineapples on pizza. She is into both Style AND Fashion, but she hardly ever writes about it because all her free time is spent between yoga, rock concerts, and Victorian poetry.

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  1. Hi There.

    Would you be kind enough to include Manolo Costa New York on your New York City map?

    Manolo Costa New York is a private atelier that was founded by sartorial expert, Manolo Costa, in September of 2011 and offers a complete collection of fine bespoke clothing.

    The atelier is located at 130 1/4 East 65th Street, New York, NY 10065

  2. A great resource in NYC for Custom Made Leather clothing, (Men’s and Women’s wear) is Carla Dawn Behrle NYC (.com)
    Located on 5th ave and 31st street – by appointment. Over 20 years specializing in leather & Exotics. She’s been creating Men’s Bespoke since 2005.