Styleforum All New Buy&Sell forum – FAQs

You might have noticed the Buy&Sell section of the forum has changed as well.
We were able to improve the navigation of the forum by adding categories and filters that will help you browse the classifieds.


Click on the “Add Classified” button on the top right corner of the page. Fill in the information and upload the pictures in the description box.

IMPORTANT: In order for the listing to show up properly on the Buy&Sell home page, you’ll need to upload a Cover Image.
You can do so after clicking “Save” once you’ve filled in the information on the page.
You will see your listed item and you will have the option to add a cover image using the button placed on the top right corner:

After uploading your cover image, your classified will appear on the home page of the Buy&Sell forum. If you do not upload a cover image, your listing will not feature any image.


You can edit a classified by clicking on the “Edit” button that appears on the top right corner of the classified page:

Styleforum Upgrade – FAQs

You may have noticed that we recently had a little makeover. We upgraded to a better and more intuitive interface that will hopefully make your experience on Styleforum even better and more satisfying.

Here is a list of FAQs: please read them before contacting an admin with any questions you might have regarding the update.

If you do have questions that are not addressed below, please send us an email at and we’ll do our best to reply in a timely manner (but please excuse any delays – we are working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible!)

Please note that we’ve been working through some minor technical issues (notably email notifications and native notifications) so please keep that in mind and bear with us as we fix these.

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