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Starting a tie wardrobe in 2018 can be daunting; with the variety of options that are just one click away, it might be hard to determine whether a tie is going to get some use or will lie in a cedar box untouched for years.

This list was compiled following the directions of some Styleforum members who discussed pretty extensively the merits and versatility of the following ties on this thread.

A starting wardrobe of 12 ties might contain:

  • Two navy solid ties (a grenadine and a repp, for instance)
  • Two other solid ties (i.e. forest green grenadine, a chocolate brown repp)
  • One glen plaid, guncheck, or shepherd’s check tie in black and white or navy and white
  • One houndstooth tie
  • Two pindot ties
  • Two “neat” ties –  small, evenly spaced designs
  • Two repp stripe ties

See below for some great options that will help you complete your tie collection.

Navy solid ties

Yellow Hook $130      •       Kent Wang $75

Solid ties in other colors 

Vanda Fine Clothing $123       •      Yellow Hook $130

Glen plaid / Guncheck / Shepherd’s check ties

Vecchio Anseatico $95      •      Vanda Fine Clothing $123

Houndstooth ties

Drake’s micro houndstooth $195    •      Drake’s puppytooth $185

Pindot ties

Shibumi Firenze $126      •      Vanda Fine Clothing $123

Neat Ties

Spier & MacKay  $35      •      Shibumi Firenze $126

Repp stripe ties

Ralph Lauren  $125     •      Vecchio Anseatico $95

3 thoughts on “Starting a Tie Wardrobe – Styleforum Picks

  1. Thanks, very helpful article for the starter. I have been exclusively wearing “Skinny” neckties since the 1960’s and find the small “Kent Knot” best match for proportion of slender neckties. I always eliminate the dimple and spread fullness to the edges.
    My entire collection over the years has been thrift store finds, as I have never purchased neckties in a retail store. I have over the years either sold or given away as gifts all but a handful and was delighted for others to appreciate the beauty of those creative accessories.

  2. John, you are absolutely correct.
    A billionaire was once asked, regarding his accumulation of wealth: “When is enough, enough? His thoughtful reply was, “When I get a little bit more”.

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