How to Style an Overshirt, with Erik Mannby

how to style an overshirt styleforum erik mannby overshirt

Overshirts, or ‘shackets’ – as our friend Kyle refers to them –  are often the province of casual-wear. Leave it to Erik Mannby, friend of Styleforum and editor of Plaza Uomo, to make the garment shine in a semi-tailored context. In this case, the added length of the overshirt helps balance out the proportions of the outfit. You might call it cheating, and if we’re being honest it’s about the same length as a short jacket, but as far as I’m aware there’s no universally agreed-upon length for an overshirt, so in my mind it’s fair game. Beneath that, the outfit is a well-considered blend of autumn textures, noticeable largely because of the light colors. Many of us – myself included – gravitate towards darker tones once the days begin to grow shorter, but I like the use of the cream cardigan in particular. Also worth noting is the brown tie which, as the sole point of saturation outside the overshirt, stands out in a good way and looks very nice against the striped shirt. I find it difficult to wear shawl-collar cardigans as a mid-layer, but again, I like the way it’s done here. Erik has really mastered the slim-but-comfortable silhouette, and it’s nice to see layering that doesn’t get bulky.

We haven’t addressed the best accessory, which is of course the puppy. Experts have long known that dogs make an excellent counterpart to a good outfit, and Mr. Mannby has perhaps found the ideal complement to his autumn tones in a dark-haired companion. The sheen of the fur goes well with the overshirt, and the tiny, adorable nose adds some welcome gloss to an otherwise matte ensemble.


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