Styleforum Maker Space – a.b.k. Leather Products

This January, at Pitti Uomo 93 in Florence, Italy, Styleforum will be hosting its inaugural Maker Space. The Styleforum Maker Space is an open space designed to exhibit the work of small brands and artisans interested in showing to both wholesale buyers and retail consumers. Click on the banner to visit the official page of the event and RSVP as a visitor.

Alya began her career by taking classes in shoemaking, eventually finding a mentor in iconic sandal designer, Barbara Shaum.

Inspired by her experience, Alya began making shoes on her own, recruiting occasional help from her sister Katya and teaching her the craft along the way. Word began to spread, orders for shoes began to increase, and the business was born.

Their work has become known for impeccable craftsmanship, ex­panding well beyond shoes to leather items of all kinds, from the functional to the purely beautiful. Each piece starts with leather that is domestically sourced and tanned without chemicals.

Katya and Alya hand-dye their own leather to achieve the exact color palette desired, then use alcohol water to saturate and stretch it before hand-stitching or stapling the pieces into place to dry.

At the Styleforum Maker Space, you’ll be able to chat with Alya and see her at work. Click here to RSVP, and visit the Styleforum Maker Space Official Thread on the forum.