Summer Deals from the Styleforum Classifieds!

Browsed the Buy & Sell forums lately? If not, you’re missing out. Here are some deals from the Styleforum classifieds that will keep you looking great this summer, whether at work or at play. The Styleforum classifieds section is the best place to find deals on top-quality designer clothing, shoes, and accessories. Not a Styleforum member? Sign up today, and start shopping!

For the Office

1. SuitSupply linen “Lazio” striped suit, size 38S: $285.00

2. Luigi Borrelli tan cotton jacket, size 50 & 54: 550GBP

3. Orazio Luciano beige summer-weight jacket, size 52R: $475.00

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For the Weekend

1. Eidos “Trapunta” field jacket, size 48R: $340

2. Epaulet sport trainers in alabaster calfskin, size 10.5D: $135

3. Robert Geller cropped cargo pants, size EU46/US30: $80

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For Vacation

1. Etro blue linen knit polo shirt, size XL: $107

2. Borrelli Napoli floral swim trunks, size XL: $85.00

3. Sutor Mantellassi red suede drivers, size US 12: $100

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For Everyday

1. Oliver Peoples “Kelton”: $300

2. Christian Kimber green tweed and leather tote: $225

3. Luis Vuitton monogram wallet: $425

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