Styleforum Maker Space – Belisario Camicie

This January, at Pitti Uomo 93 in Florence, Italy, Styleforum will be hosting its inaugural Maker Space. The Styleforum Maker Space is an open space designed to exhibit the work of small brands and artisans interested in showing to both wholesale buyers and retail consumers. Click on the banner to visit the official page of the event and RSVP as a visitor.

belisario camicie su misura styleforum maker space

We are proud to introduce one of the makers that will attend the Maker Space: Belisario Camicie, a shirtmaker from Abruzzo, has been operating for over a century, specializing in handmade shirts. The concept of “su misura” is still the core value of the brand, which prides itself in working exclusively with the best Italian fabrics, many of which from the Albini group. Belisario can also service foreign customers through an online ordering system.

The options to personalize a shirt are almost endless: their online customization interface takes the customer through several steps, providing different options regarding darts, pleats, patterns, cuffs, collars, fusing, and ultimately, buttons. Additionally, Belisario has a patented horizontal buttonhole, located right below the infamous crotch button; this detail helps with the shirt staying tucked.

Each shirt is carefully made by hand, made to each customer’s measurements or to predefined patterns (if you are an easy fit). Your measurements can be uploaded using the interface on the website for a smooth and personalized shopping experience.

Belisario shirts are created by the expert hands of 22 experienced seamstresses of the Abruzzo area – which means you are getting a product 100% made in Italy, and supporting a family operated company that’s been around for three generations.

belisario camicie made to measure made in italy maker space styleforum

At the Maker Space, you’ll have the chance to touch and feel the fabrics for yourself, and get measured by Marco’s expert hands. Click here to visit Belisario’s website.

Visit the Styleforum Maker Space official thread on the forum.