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Mr. Empey is the type of guy who prefers English style in the winter and Italian style in the summer. Or at least he used to. Now he's uncertain where he stands, since he travels a lot and has to visit a fair number of places where Americana workwear would be the best option. His appreciation of menswear stems more from a love of artisanship, so naturally, he also appreciates other crafts including cocktails and quality cuisine.

GIIN Feynman Polo Shirt – Review

Fair disclosure: I’ve reviewed a few products from GIIN in the past. I’ve also bought products from them as a result of my experience with the product that they sent me. I’ve written about the artisanship and the beauty inherent in their boutonnieres, and I’ve talked about the functionality of their undershirts; each time I’ve seen their products I’ve been thoroughly impressed. As a whole, my impressions of the brand have been excellent.

The Feynman polo is a shirt that has been in the works for quite some time now. GIIN—as a company—has a habit (detrimental for them, beneficial for the consumer) of performing extensive research, design, and testing for each of their products. This shirt has been a long time in the making, having seen several iterations before finalizing a product that they are ecstatic to offer.

Photo: GIIN


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Thinking About Sustainability and Ethics in Menswear

A few weeks ago I ended up writing a review of a pair of trousers from Basic Rights. In the review, I mentioned briefly the brand’s mission and goal toward sustainability and ethical production; I had received a large amount of information from the Marketing Director in his responses to my questions about sustainability, so I decided, for Fashion Revolution Week, to take some of his responses and bring them to you, as readers, as I believe they were insightful visions about the impacts of the brand’s policies. 

Additionally, I thought it would be useful to scour the web and find some other brands with similar missions.

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Style Trends at Pitti 95

Looking around Pitti, I wanted to photograph the people that were more visually interesting to me. Sometimes, those were characters who bordered on the absurd. But in general, my goal was to photograph those who I felt would be more interesting to users of Styleforum, people who tended to have a more conservative or classic aesthetic.

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