Good Buy: Tricker’s Stow

I had a pair of Tricker’s Stow boots once upon a time. Great boots. Comfy, stylish, and nicely-made. Casual, certainly, but the fact that you can wear them 5-6 months out of the year where I live means they see a lot of use. Sadly, my pair are no longer with me, but ever since they left I’ve been contemplating picking up a replacement. The number of suede models available at the moment has made this compulsion more noticeable.

According to my girlfriend, I have a mild obsession with suede boots. This, despite the fact that I’ve managed to cut my collection down to two pairs – but she’s right that I’m always looking for more. The perceived fragility – and I say perceived, because most suedes really aren’t fragile at all – of suede boots has never bothered me, and I tend to wear them anywhere and anytime I’d wear any other shoe.

I don’t know if there’s a rule about suede boots being perfect for autumn written in the Style Rulebook somewhere, but the combination of texture and depth of color that suede offers lends itself to autumn foliage and chilly mornings and all of that 90’s rom-com stuff.

As loathe as I am to revel in the sorrow of others, the current state of the British pound means that ordering directly from Tricker’s is a pretty attractive proposition. Currently, they’re sitting at about 480USD, which, while not exactly pocket change, is a fair bit cheaper than you’ll find them at most North American sellers. If, like me, you’re constantly contemplating another boot purchase, take a quick look at what Tricker’s has up on their website – maybe I’ll see you out on the moors some day, and we can have a “SAME BOOTS” moment.

Here’s the full line of Tricker’s country boots – suede and otherwise