Review: Suitsupply Custom Made Program

The Internet is now saturated with made-to-measure suit programs, all of them offering impeccable fit and finish in an endless range of styles and fabrics to men working in the tech industry. Many of these, however, offer a flimsy product, and many simply don’t look good. Enter the Suitsupply Custom Made program, which you’ll note is explicitly

Jasper’s Best Cyber Monday Buys

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The Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales are still going. I know, I know, it’s hardly believable, and I applaud you for staying conscious for so long. There are plenty of deals to be found by browsing our full list, and I hope that you haven’t buried yourself in debt. If you haven’t quite shopped

Deals to look out for on Black Friday

Jasper's best Black Friday deals picks styleforum

Black Friday is here, and unless you’ve been making meticulous spreadsheets tracking your intended purchases, you might be a little bit overwhelmed. If you’re browsing our Black Friday sales list and you’re wondering where to start, here’s what to buy so that you look awesome. 1. Kanata ‘Swooping Crane’ cardigan from No Man Walks Alone

@Baron’s Take on ‘Tailored Contemporary Casual’

It’s rare that long-time member @Baron posts a photo in our WAYWT threads, but in this case the quality makes up for the infrequency. I love outfits like these that blend contemporary brands with a sharper, tailored look; all the more impressive considering the cut of the oversized shirt worn as outerwear. I suppose I

A Talk with Ian Segal of Nine Lives Clothing

If you haven’t heard of Tokyo-based brand Nine Lives clothing, you’ve been missing out. Their line of high quality denim, cutsews, and heavy outerwear is produced in Japan, and combines the quality and material know-how of a heritage brand with the razor-sharp edge of Japan’s v-kei and mod scene; all of it seen through 9L’s particular,

Autumn Style: Odd Flannel Trousers with @Heldentenor

A pair of odd flannel trousers is one of Styleforum’s universal recommendations, and in addition to featuring heavily in WAYWT, flannel is a staff favorite. It’s not hard to see why: it’s soft, warm, and adds lovely visual texture to any outfit, especially if you choose a fabric – as @Heldentor has – that has

The Yoox Friends and Family Sale Ends Today!

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The Yoox Friends and Family sale is ending today, which means that if you’re willing to roll the dice (or are certain of your size across various brands), you can still find some fantastic deals on both established lines or on pieces you may not have dared to buy at retail. Although I buy much

How to Style Country Tweed with Mr. Knightley

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m American, and half the reason I like this outfit from Mr. Knightley so much is that all the brands in the original post sound so charmingly British. I’ve been streaming a show over Netflix called “Escape to the Country,” which is kind of like a super chillaxed British version of