Deals to look out for on Black Friday

Black Friday is here, and unless you’ve been making meticulous spreadsheets tracking your intended purchases, you might be a little bit overwhelmed. If you’re browsing our Black Friday sales list and you’re wondering where to start, here’s what to buy so that you look awesome.

1. Kanata ‘Swooping Crane’ cardigan from No Man Walks Alone – $296

My own Kanata cowichan is one of my most-worn, most-loved pieces of clothing. It sits in a beautiful place between cozy knitwear and heavy outerwear, and I like to layer underneath it for both chilly days outside or when I’m sitting and reading.

This particular model was designed by Styleforum member @g transistor, whose sukajan-inspired ‘Swooping Crane’ motif won No Man Walks Alone’s cowichan design contest. The unique, medium-blue wool will go with everything from denim to trousers, and is perfect for those days when you don’t feel like wearing a structured coat or jacket.

You won’t find anything else like this out there, and at $296 this is a hell of a deal for a piece of serious clothing that will last you years.


2. Eidos x Vanson black shearling jacket from Mr. Porter – $2,096

At two grand, this isn’t exactly pocket change, but a good shearling jacket isn’t just incredibly comfortable and hard-wearing – they’re comfy as hell. They’re comfortable in a wide range of temperatures, and while you can easily wear a shirt or tee and nothing else when the weather’s naught but a bit chilly, layering a thick wool sweater underneath will keep you warm in serious cold.

Plus, this is one of your last chances to get what will soon be referred to as “OG Eidos,” as Antonio Ciongoli has moved on from the brand.


3. Shockoe Atelier “Relaxed Kojima” denim – $212

Recently, I realized that I have gone back to wearing raw denim every other day, which I haven’t done in several years. Since these days I, along with everyone else, am singing the praises of looser, relaxed bottoms, particularly when worn with a pair of chunky boots, it seems only wise to combine the two interests and suggest a pair of raw denim that won’t suck to break in. I mean, this definitely isn’t a pair of balloon pants, but if you’re looking to get back to your raw denim days but don’t want to deal with thigh-murdering stiffness, these offer a happy medium.


4. RM Williams Craftsman Boot- $396 at East Dane

These, I’ve actually been looking for, and East Dane’s shipping and return policy makes this an easy purchase. Yes, they’re chelsea boots, but they look nothing like the kind sported by the legions of Kanye fans around the world. Plus, a crepe sole is useless in the winter. Wear them with denim and a heavy knit – you know, I’m just realizing that everything I’ve put on this list would go really damn well together. So you’re welcome for that.


5. A handful of fragrance samples from The Perfumed Court

Jasper's best Black Friday deals picks styleforum

If you’re interested in experimenting with a new fragrance this winter (say, Serge Lutens’ Ambre Sultan), this is a pretty good time to do it. The Perfumed Court sells small decants of most of the fragrances you’ve ever heard of, and rarely offers discounts – let alone 25% off. I’d expect fulfillment to take a few extra days, but it’s totally worth it to smell really, really good all winter long.

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