The Yoox Friends and Family Sale Ends Today!

The Yoox Friends and Family sale is ending today, which means that if you’re willing to roll the dice (or are certain of your size across various brands), you can still find some fantastic deals on both established lines or on pieces you may not have dared to buy at retail. Although I buy much less from Yoox than I used to, it’s still one of my favorite retailers for this exact reason: it’s like digging through the huge, rambling closet of a person with incredibly eccentric tastes.

My tip for Yoox shopping is to essentially ignore how the garment fits on the model – if there is a model. It’s hard, I know, but since everything is (still!) squeezed onto people far too large for the clothing, Yoox has the magical ability to make any piece of clothing look terrible (see: Ann Demeulemeester bombers paired with washed DSquared jeans).

Take note when you’re adding items to your cart, as many of them are final sale. Selection isn’t massive, but if you’re willing to sort through the pages, this is a good opportunity to find old-season products and excellent basics.

One further tip is that not all designers with items included in the sale show up in the dropdown. Searching for a name within the dropdown search (not on the top of the page) will yield more participating brands, but you have to search for them specifically. Try these: Tricker’s, Zanone, Lemaire, Blue Blue Japan, Ts(S), etc.

Here’s the link to the sale, and here’s a selection of some interesting pieces:

Happy hunting!

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