Great Buys: 16 Classic Shoes on Styleforum’s Classifieds

Every week, enterprising Styleforum member @razl takes time out of his busy schedule to search for what he can call the best of Styleforum’s classifieds. Out of that glittering company, we’ve picked our five favorites to share. Click the links below to see the listings!

This week, @razl’s picks were very shoe-heavy. We’ve laid out his picks for your convenience.

Alden Whiskey Shell Cordovan Longwings, 10D – 650$

Alden #8 Shell Cordovan Norwegian Oxford, 10.5 – 550$

best shoes on styleforum's classifieds

A pair of Alden shoes in the very special #8 cordovan is a must have for many Styleforum members.

Alden 8249 Black Cordovan Blucher, Size 7c/e (Aberdeen Last) – 595$

best shoes on styleforum's classifieds

Simply put: a beautiful shoe.

Anthony Cleverly “Churchill,” UK8.5 – 600$

best shoes on styleforum's classifieds

Beautiful patina and a great style make these both good-looking and easy to wear.

Carlos Santos Balmoral Boot, Multiple Sizes – 310$

best shoes on styleforum's classifieds

A great boot that can be worn dressed up with a suit, or more casually with jeans.

Carmina Semi-Brogue Oxfords, UK9/US10 – 600$

Carmina Polo Suede Longwing Blucher, 8UK – 300$

best shoes on styleforum's classifieds

The ideal suede shoe, perfect for the upcoming summer season.

Carmina Tan Semi-Brogue Oxfords, 8UK – 349$

Carmina Half-Brogue, UK6.5 – 250$

Carmina Austerity Brogue, 8.5UK/42.5EU – 315$

Crockett & Jones Chelsea, 10DUS – 329$

best shoes on styleforum's classifieds

If you’re looking for a chelsea boot that won’t get you confused for a Kanye follower, this is the shoe for you.

Crockett & Jones Swansea, 10UK/11US – 350$


Gaziano & Girling Thorpe in Arran Grain, 9.5E – 1,000$

Gaziano & Girling Mitchell in Midnight Blue Calf, US13.5E – 900$

Ralph Lauren by Gaziano & Girling “Percival” Monk Boot, 10D – 400$


Sutor Mantellassi: Many Shoes in Many Sizes, Starting at 100$

Tricker’s Eaton Boot in Teak Shell Cordovan, 10UK – 700$

best shoes on styleforum's classifieds

Tricker’s iconic country boot, made up in a gorgeous and long-lasting leather.

Vass Old English II, EU41 (F Last) – 580$

best shoes on styleforum's classifieds

A gorgeous shoe, well-deserving of the respect the Styleforum community gives to it.


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  1. razl

    March 28, 2017

    Cool to see Best Of making the front page!

    • Styleforum Editors

      March 29, 2017

      All thanks to you! Thanks for all your hard work – the least we can do is share it.

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