Feeling down? Have a Deliciously Unhealthy Late Night Snack

Sometimes you have to take a break from worrying about whether your suits will fit you tomorrow. You come home late after a bad day, you go on a first date that ends badly, or you just want to pig out. Well, I’ve got you covered, and the best way to deal with all the bad things in life is to eat delicious food.

Having a few late night snacks options always at the ready will always serve you well.  If your friends decide to crash on your couch after a night out, you’ll need to feed them before they tear your fridge apart.  If you meet your soulmate, and walk long into the night, talking about the future – all the walking will get you hungry for, and let’s be real here, snacks.  If you miraculously do not strike out, you will be hungry after all the festivities, and you’ll need some… snacks.  If you are married, with kids, a late night snack with your significant other is going to be one of the very few adult moments you will share.

Statistically, though, let’s face it, if you are single, your date is going to be terrible, and you are going to spend your night alone, with only Netflix binges to keep you company.  Styleforum is not here to kick you while you are down, though – we’re  here to uplift you with delicious calories.  Here are the definitive 5 Best Late Night Snacks you can make to soothe your soul.

  1. Bacon wrapped hotdog
    These are sold outside stadiums all across America.  And they are delicious.  You know it, I know it.  The tasting menu that you thought your date would like has nothing on these late at night after a few beers on a cold winter’s eve…. alone.

    Deliciously Unhealthy Late Night Snack

    Jason Perlow/Wikimedia Commons

  2. Spaghetti carbonara
    One of the easiest dishes to make, and it fits your timing perfectly.  Put on the water, and by the time you’ve washed off the disappointment, the water will be boiling (remember to have salted it well), and you can fry up the spec in time for the pasta to finish cooking.  Remember to get the pasta off the heat before you add the cheese and egg mixture, or else your sauce will separate disappointingly as well.

    Deliciously Unhealthy Late Night Snack

    Trishhhh / Flickr

  3. Nutella and banana grilled sandwich
    Find solace in the nostalgia of a childhood snack.  Of course, your mom is no longer there to tell you that you are a special person and that everything will be okay.  Unless your mom IS there to tell you that you are a special person and that everything will be okay, in which case, it’s no wonder your date didn’t work out.

    Deliciously Unhealthy Late Night Snack


  4. Steak and Eggs
    The Notorious B.I.G. famously rapped for a t-bone steak, cheese eggs and Welch’s grape to fill his belly.  Delicious.  The only difference between his snack and yours is that his were a prelude to more exciting evening activities, while yours mark the beginning of an evening of old television shows.

    Deliciously Unhealthy Late Night Snack


  5. Garlic Bread
    Let’s face it.  The only reason that you don’t eat garlic bread when there is garlic bread to be eaten is in order to not turn off your date.  Well, turns out, you didn’t need garlic bread to do that, so the joke’s on you.  But now you can eat all the delicious, buttery, garlicky bread you want, so you win.

    Deliciously Unhealthy Late Night Snack

    Elenasuggests/Wikimedia Commons

    Bonus: Avocado Toast

    Delicious, and instagram friendly.   Instagram is your desperate attempt to tell the world that you are okay with being alone, with just being you)

    Deliciously Unhealthy Late Night Snack



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  1. I don’t see why ANY of these delicious treats are considered unhealthy. Carbs, fats, proteins…they have everything the body needs. I’d go so far as to say that last entry, avocado toast, borders on health food.

    • I agree with you. Our editor-in-chief wrote that headline. My working headline was 5 delicious late night snacks after an unsuccessful date. Nothing about the judgemental “unhealthy” there…

    • Yes. When I discovered I could have steak as a snack, my life changed for the better. As for the comment about healthiness: bread and spaghetti aren’t healthy because they digest so fast that you’re body a. treats it like sugar and b. can’t have time to grab the vits/minerals. If you were to have it post exercise, the insulin spike would be very good for you. If you run marathons or an equivalent, carb loading before a race day is fine and dandy.