Black-Owned Menswear Businesses to Support

The black community is hurting, and it’s time we come together to amplify the voices that need to be heard.
This list, albeit incomplete, represents an effort to highlight the talent of black creators and businessmen in the menswear community.
If you’re unable to support these businesses with your wallet at the moment, remember that you can make a difference by simply following their accounts on social media, engaging with them, and sharing them with your friends.
Feel free to help us expand this list by leaving a comment with a link to more brands, shops, and talents.

Zam Barrett
Zam Barrett is artisanal men & womenswear brand based in Brooklyn, NY. All garments and accessories, including the face masks, are made in their Brooklyn factory. 

Micheal Browne
One of the rising stars of British tailoring, Michael Browne’s bespoke suits are the result of meticulous work and tailoring skills; it may take up to five fittings to complete a single suit. 


Maurice Sedwell
An institution in Savile Row since 1938. Mr. Andrew Ramroop founded the Savile Row Academy, the only professionally staffed school on Savile Row.

X of Pentacles
Based in Virginia, USA, they specialize in bespoke garments and small batch accessories – all of which are hand-illustrated and made in England or Italy.


An exquisite conceptual brand by the founder of Norwegian Rain that has us wishing we had a life interesting enough to be able to wear a seersucker kimono.


Tshepo Bespoke Jeans
The brand was founded in 2015 in Johannesburg by Tshepo Mohlala. While most of us will not be able to experience Tshepo’s bespoke service, we can shop his range of premium and bespoke denim clothing and accessories such as jeans, hats, and -as of lately- face masks.

Savant and Scholar
A refreshing, independent eyewear brand created by an optician. The brand personifies “Renaissance” and is intended to represent the sophistication of the modern-day Visionary.


Kente Gentlemen
A brand founded by a group of young Africans that seek to offer elegant, edgy, and contemporary clothing that stays true to African craftsmanship. Every finished product is fitted, cut, and sewn from fabrics made in Africa, with high respect paid to the rich textile heritage and local craftsmanship.


Flamekeepers Hat Club
It is virtually impossible to browse these guys’ Instagram account and resist the temptation of buying a medium brim fedora.


Armando Cabral
Created by model Armando Cabral, the design of these shoes seeks to bring luxury and comfort together.


House of A. Sauvage
Adrien Sauvage is not only a skilled couturier: he is a filmmaker, a photographer, and a creative talent all around. He combines sartorial skills with elegant design.


Simon and Mary
Another millinery business, this time based in South Africa, that seeks to perpetuate the art of hat-making while employing traditional machines and methods. 


54 Kibo
As a bonus to wrap up this list, here’s a brand that specializes in houseware and design objects employing design experts from the African diaspora. 




21 thoughts on “Black-Owned Menswear Businesses to Support

  1. I was extremely pleased to see Styleform highlight black-owned menswear businesses and realize that exposure to African American Men’s clothing styles has in the past been somewhat limited to venues such as Ebony Fashions or magazines that specifically cater to African American lifestyles, at least in the USA.

    “I do hope for the retention or reintegration of “old school” sartorial skills that produced quality garments that aged men like me found necessary, because it instilled pride in both the creator and the wearer”.

    “I believe men’s fashions are basically driven by three imperatives: “era”, “collective style” and “personal choice”. (mingorajohns).
    “Perfection is driven by pride in one’s work”.

  2. how about Ozwald Boateng, don’t own anything, but remember back in say 2009 he was kind a hit on SR as well

  3. Ummmm, Ikiré Jones? (Wale used to be a SF regular!)

    Also Red Cotton Denim.

    • what’s Ikiré Jones making these days? I remember he had sportscoat/scarf in the early days

    • +1. SF member started Ikire Jones and another SF member, @Tirailleur1, started Post Imperial (which I think is stocked by No Man Walks Alone).

  4. You have forgotten Dapper Dan. Daniel Day is an American fashion designer and haberdasher from Harlem, New York.[1] His influential store, Dapper Dan’s Boutique, operated from 1982–92 and is most associated with introducing high fashion to the hip hop world, with his clients over the years including Eric B. & Rakim, Salt-N-Pepa, LL Cool J, and Jay-Z. In 2017, he launched a fashion line with Gucci, with which he opened a second store and atelier, Dapper Dan’s of Harlem, in 2018.[2][3] Do you have forgotten Dapper Dan.

  5. Please don’t bother me with all your SJW/BLM/Woke nonsense. Things are getting all out of control.

    • Help me understand. How is it bothersome to you that SF is highlighting black owned businesses? How does this indicate that things are out of control? What things, exactly?

    • Noor, if this bothers you, you don’t have read it. How exactly is the “SJW/BLM/Woke/other alt-right terms for acting decent” stuff getting out of hand btw?

    • I’m going to assume this post was written with the mere intent to troll. Anyone who calls himself a gentleman should be proud to support a community that’s been exploited for way too long.
      I invite everyone else to ignore this type of remark as I would love for this comment section to be a resource to find new black-owned businesses to support. Thank you to everyone who left a comment with their suggestions and joined us in the effort to amplify the voice of the black menswear community.

      • No trolling. This is like McCarthyism. And all you fooks are on the wagon. Like sheep.

  6. I’d like to add Hiploose Custom Clothier based out of Baltimore, Raleigh and Indianapolis; however through technology we are supporting clients globally. We specialize in made-to-measure garments, custom hand-made shoes / bags and accessories. We’ll be launching our BLM Savings to Support initiative later today, whereby our clients “savings” are matched by Hiploose and then re-invested into organizations that promotes justice and equity for black communities. Also our online 3D design tool (for shoes, bags & accessories) has been updated to now include our premium shirt line: The suit 3D design coming later this Summer!

  7. Old School Shirt Makers out of Brooklyn and Pendleton, Oregon is a great company, and Kevin Stewart is a very, very cool man.

  8. AscsAs a Black Fashion Stylist based in the UK, I really appreciate this post. I almost joined the Saville Row Academy in 2016 but I pursued styling and not tailoring. Andrew Ramroop is a living legend and a true gent. I will look up and feature all the mentioned designers on my own blog. Thank you again!

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