Join the $3,500 Modern Luxury Giveaway

modern luxury giveawayJoin the Modern Luxury Giveaway, and win $3,500 worth of prizes!

Styleforum has teamed up with some of our favorite online brands and communities to offer one lucky winner the following:

– $250 gift card for any affiliate shop hosted by Styleforum
– $500 gift card for Norwegian bag and watch brand Linjer
– $500 gift card for apparel company Grana
– $500 gift card for home essentials company Brooklinen
– $500 gift card for Italian shoemaker Velasca
– 1 bespoke suit from Italian suit-maker Lanieri ($760 value)
– 2 tickets to The Hustle‘s ConCon conference ($550 value)

TERMS: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Purchasing does not improve your chance of winning. Void where prohibited.

modern luxury giveaway


See the full list of Styleforum affiliates below

  • Allen Edmonds
    A true American Classic, Allen Edmonds creates well-crafted shoes, boots, and accessories for the gentleman with one eye on the past and one on the future.
  • The Armoury Where tradition meets modernity. The Armoury outfits discerning men all over the world with the finest in classic, relevant tailoring.
  • Batch Mens
    Offering shirts that blur the line between luxury and utility, Batch addresses the needs of the modern man.
  • Chipp Neckwear
    Chipp Neckwear has been your source for fine, creative neckwear for 50 years.
  • Craftsman Clothing
    Made-to-order leather outerwear that is stylish, classic, and affordable. Craftsman draws on historic greats to craft modern, effortless clothing.
  • David Fin
    From the first stitch to the last, David Fin takes pride in crafting their high-caliber ties themselves. Italian silks are hand sewn in NYC with care, and each tie is backed by David Fin’s mission to support the families of fallen American soldiers.
  • Drinkwater’s Cambridge
    Since 2004, Gary Drinkwater has been outfitting Boston’s finest wardrobes with both classic, tailored clothing and inspiring contemporary brands from around the world.
    If you’re looking for the finest Italian menswear at the best prices, look no further. eHABERDASHER’s always-changing stock represents the very best of men’s clothing, from Isaia and Brioni to Barba and Zegna.
  • Epaulet
    Epaulet makes small-batch, direct-to consumer tailored and casual clothing. American in style and spirit, Epaulet brings top-notch quality and incredible value.
  • Equus Leather
    Hand-made, bespoke bridle-leather belts are the focus of Equus’ product range, and high-quality hides and solid hardware are the foundation of this UK company’s beautiful work. The range has grown to include wallets, watch straps, accessories, and even heirloom-quality canine goods.
  • Exquisite Trimmings
    It’s the little touches that bring a great outfit together, and Exquisite Trimmings is a stand-out purveyor of fine men’s pocket squares, scarves, and accessories from the world’s greatest brands.
  • Falcon Garments
    Razor-sharp classic leather jackets and outerwear, made fresh to order.
  • Freemans Sporting Club
    From ready-to-wear American-made suits to contemporary casual classics to a fresh haircut, Freemans Sporting Club is a gentleman’s institution focused on helping every man look his best.
  • A Fine Pair of Shoes
    A must-visit destination for anyone passionate about footwear, with a selection focused on the best traditional British makers. A Fine Pair of Shoes offers a great product range at incredible prices.
  • H. Stockton
    Since 1963, H. Stockton has been serving Atlanta with traditional, always-relevant tailored clothing. They offer understated, proper attire for any and all occasions, with the customer as the focus.
  • Gentlemen’s Footwear
    Here, you’ll find both quality and style in classic men’s footwear & accessories. Gentlemen’s Footwear offers only the finest brands, which include Carmina, Edward Green, Drake’s, and EG Cappelli.
  • Gustin
    Gustin’s direct-to-consumer clothing, all of which is funded up-front, brings denim, outerwear, and basics to discerning fans of fabric and fit.
  • The Hanger Project
    What started as a wardrobe-changing hanger design has evolved into a celebration of the details that make menswear great. You’ll find award-winning hangers, as well as garment and shoe care accessories alongside a small selection of top-notch men’s clothing.
  • Henry Blake
  • H.N. White
    Painstakingly-sourced fabrics form the backbone of this made-entirely-by-hand-in-England maker of high-quality ties and pocket squares.
  • Jeeves
    Jeeves is an ode to honest European craftsmanship. With a range of ready-to-wear and made-to-order shoes, gloves, ties, and leather accessories, Jeeves is as supportive, unassuming, and whimsical as the P.G. Wodehose character from whom they take their name.
  • John Elliott
    This ultra-sharp denim brand has evolved into a high-quality, focused, and hot-as-fire streetwear powerhouse.
  • Kent Wang
    Kent Wang offers high-quality, affordable made to measure suits, separates and accessories. Whether you need a suit for a wedding or a tuxedo for a black-tie event, you’ll find sharp tailoring and excellent value.
  • Khaki’s of Carmel
    A beautiful location deserves beautiful clothing, and Khaki’s of Carmel delivers outstanding, cosmopolitan tailoring with a Northern California slant.
  • Kiin
    Responsible, quality garments with a focus on comfort; Kiin’s line of bonded (meaning no stitched seams) undergarments is fast-drying, durable, and functional.
  • Lanieri
    Lanieri creates made-to-measure half-canvassed suits and shirts with all the trappings of quality Italian craftsmanship. Their clothing is easy-to-order, easy-to-fit, and most importantly, looks fantastic.
  • Linjer
    Offering luxury leather goods without the mark-up, Linjer’s ultra-popular kickstarter projects have given men everywhere cause to rejoice. In addition to stand out luggage and leather accessories, Linjer has begun to branch out into timepieces and other fine men’s goods.
  • LuxeSwap
    Closet Cleaning? Closet growing? Whether you’re trying to consign or buy, LuxeSwap is your source for luxury goods on eBay. Menswear, womenswear, fine jewelry, and timepieces are all available to lovers of world-class clothing and accessories.
  • Luxire Custom Clothing
    If you dream it, Luxire can make it. Whether you’re looking for a unique collar shape, trousers made from fabric you found yourself, or you’re trying to replace an aging garment that’s no longer made, Luxire can turn your custom garment into reality.
  • Massdrop
    Massdrop unites enthusiasts with focused group buys. The idea is simple: when a handful of hobbyists with a shared passion all want the same thing, by working together they can get something special – say a limited-edition tie – at a better price.
  • Matchvm
    Matchvm’s uncompromising approach to made-to-measure shirting is rooted in their deep experience as shirtmaker to some of Seoul’s finest tailoring houses. Now that they offer an online ordering program, Matchvm can can offer you the best possible price while preserving the quality.
  • Meermin Mallorca
    Goodyear-welted shoes, made in Mallorca by members of a 3rd- and 4th-generation of shoemakers. Meermin offers affordable quality and style that will last you for years.
  • MILER Menswear
    Founded in Poland by a Styleforum member, Miler menswear has a solid background in bespoke tailoring, with their own workshop where they make 12-15 bespoke suits per month. In addition, expect to find ready-to-wear shirts and separates, alongside a small selection of shoes, leather goods, cigars, and spirits.
  • Need Supply Co.
    Need Supply has been a Styleforum affiliate since 2009, and is still the go-to shop for contemporary denim, street, and casual-wear. Modern standbys such as A.P.C. rub shoulders with wearable Japanese brands like Beams Plus and Visvim.
  • No Man Walks Alone
    From fine men’s tailoring to the best casual wear from around the globe, No Man Walks Alone offers world-class clothing, luggage, and accessories to men of contrast and character.
  • OTHER/shop
    OTHER/shop is London’s premier space for contemporary design, art and fashion. Here, you’ll find Styleforum favorites such as Stephan Schneider and A Kind of Guise alongside a tightly-edited selection of modern standbys like Lemaire and Our Legacy.
  • Pediwear
    Pediwear specializes in fine British shoemakers, and you’ll find everything from dress-ready oxfords to country boots fit for the moors. A collection of fine luggage and leather accessories rounds out a classic, yet enduring selection of global and always-relevant brands.
  • Pierpont Leather
    Hand-crafted in Dallas, Pierpont Leather creates impeccable leather goods from the highest-quality skins. The final products promise a lifetime’s worth of use – and of charm.
  • Portland Dry Goods
    With a focus on made-in-Maine goods, PDG is a no-frills, always-friendly source for rugged, outdoors-ready clothing, shoes, and accessories that will keep you stylish and comfortable all year round.
  • Proper Cloth
    The idea has always been simple: make it easy for men to buy custom dress shirts. Proper Cloth leverages clever technology with clever garment design to bring the next generation of menswear enthusiasts exactly the clothing they want.
  • Reeves
    David Reeves, master English tailor, provides clients with bespoke, Savile Row-style tailoring that rivals the best in the world. He works with the very best cutters, tailors and finishers locally in NYC, and his fabrics and materials are always the very best.
  • Ring Jacket
    Ring Jacket, a beautiful marriage of Japanese, Ivy, and Italian tailoring styles, has become one of the best-known and best-loved brands in the world for those in the know. Whether you’re interested in casual clothing or impeccably-tailored suits, Ring Jacket offers an attention to fit and detail that’s hard to find elsewhere.
  • RockDove
    Say hello to the honestly priced, personalisable, luxury briefcase for the discerning professional.
  • Sartoriale
    Sartoriale was described by Nick Sullivan in Esquire’s Big Black Book as, “The first stop online for quality vintage tailored clothing,” and you’ll find one of the best selections of its kind, anywhere.
  • S.E.H Kelly
    Enduring British quality, held to the exacting standards that once guided Savile Row. S.E.H. Kelly’s time-honored clothes have their roots in both casual and tailored traditions, and offer a blend that is at once modern and nostalgic. Top-notch fabrics, enticing design, and prices free from the wild vacillations of nonsensical sales mean that S.E.H. Kelly is always a fantastic buy.
  • Self Edge
    The original king of the raw denim world, Self Edge still brings kick-ass American and Japanese denim and workwear to fans all over the globe. Alongside the spectacular denim, you’ll find silver jewelry, loop-wheeled knitwear, repro outerwear, and all manner of accessories, all of it built to withstand anything you can think to put it through.
  • ShopTheFinest
    At its core, ShopTheFinest is an Indiana Jones-worthy warehouse of menswear treasures. Here, you’ll find gems from Italy’s finest clothing brands, along with luxury shoes and accessories from the best makers in the world.
  • Skoaktiebolaget
    Simply put, Skoaktiebolaget offers one of the finest selection of men’s dress shoes anywhere. The brand list ranges from the affordable to the eye-watering, but all of the brands on hand offer fantastic value, and the made-to-order options are not to be missed by any shoe connoisseur.
  • Spier & Mackay
    Spier & Mackay offer ready-to-wear and custom shirts alongside off-the-rack suits, separates, and accessories. Above all, they bring the customer a dialed-in fit that’s flattering and affordable.
  • Standard & Strange
    Oakland’s denim Mecca, Standard & Strange is the place to go for world-class contemporary workwear. Whether you’re interested in Kapital’s patchwork whimsy, the latest in exacting Italian design, or American-made denim, you’ll find offerings that run the gamut from the standard to the – well, strange.
  • Suspension Point
    Suspension Point provides a carefully curated selection of modern, progressive garments and accessories from some of the best established and up-and-coming designers from around the world. A focus on cut, detailing, and exclusivity makes for thoughtfully-designed pieces that are unique while remaining easy to wear.
  • Taylor Stitch
    Taylor Stitch is an San Francisco-based independent outfitter that designs classic and durable staples for men of every age. Simple and unassuming, it’s clothing that’s ready to be a part of your life.
  • Uncle Otis
    Uncle Otis is one of the original high end streetwear stores in Canada. Their brand mix, which brings together labels from all over the world, showcases global style that’s distinct, functional, and modern.
  • Vanda Fine Clothing
    Whether you’re shopping for luxurious ties, pocket squares, or scarves, the goal of Vanda Fine Clothing has always been simple: to craft products to the best that they can be, and to have customers enjoy wearing said products as much as Vanda enjoys crafting them.
  • Virtual Clotheshorse
    From Barba to Ralph Lauren Purple Label to Sutor Mantellassi, Vitrual Clothesehorse is a fantastic source for the best in menswear at incredible prices. Their pricing model means that every gentleman who wants to look his best is sure to find something to delight his sartorial senses.
  • Yellow Hook Necktie
    Proudly made in Brooklyn, NY, Yellow Hook’s range of ties, dress shirts, and workwear presents a hand-crafted, passionate approach to American-Italian clothing.
  • Your MadeInItaly
    Imagine being able to wish for a product made exclusively for you, a unique piece, perhaps coming from your own imagination or a drawing you made; made in Italy, by true Italian artisans. Your MadeInItaly offers exactly that: clothing, luggage, and accessories made to your exact specifications.
  • Zenmarket
    Zenmarket is Styleforum’s favorite Japanese proxy service. What does that mean? It means you can order from your favorite Japanese websites, and have your purchases delivered directly to your door. Whether that means buying a new Ring Jacket suit, a pair of Kapital jeans, bidding on a Yahoo! Japan auction, or picking up a brand new knife, Zenmarket has you covered with an easy interface and great service.
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The Styleforum editors are a group of gnomes that actually do all of the work running Styleforum. Ari, and Jasper play air hockey, drink artisanal iced teas, and debate whether it's harder to get bolognese or bechamel out of grenadine ties, and whether either can be used to polish shoes.