London City Map


Welcome to Styleforum’s City Maps! Remember that these lists are not definitive. They have been chosen by our editorial staff to reflect what we believe our community will appreciate. We are open to suggestions, and are aware that shops close and re-open regularly. If you have a store suggestion or a comment to share, let us know in the comment section

3 thoughts on “London City Map

  1. Pretty poor list to be honest.

    Missing (just to name a few that SF will like):
    – All the great shoemakers on Jermyn St (C&J, Trickers e.t.c.)
    – DSM has now moved.
    – SuitSupply locations
    – Other Saville Row classics, (G&G, Turnbull & Asser, Kingsman e.t.c.)
    – Trunk Clothiers
    – Mackintosh
    – Drakes has also moved, that’s the factory store now.

    • Thanks. When we have time, we’ll add those. London is not our base, so it’s not surprising that we missed stores. Some of our other cities (San Francisco, Boston, New York) should be a lot more complete.

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