Los Angeles City Map


Welcome to Styleforum’s City Maps! Remember that these lists are not definitive. They have been chosen by our editorial staff to reflect what we believe our community will appreciate. We are open to suggestions, and are aware that shops close and re-open regularly. If you have a store suggestion or a comment to share, let us know in the comment section

2 thoughts on “Los Angeles City Map

    • Hi Steve,

      We will get to doing other cities soon enough. I personally spent a lot of time as a grad student doing a collaboration in San Diego, so it may be one that I do. Unfortunately, if we try to include something from San Diego on the LA map, it will become a map of the entire Southern California. We know this because originally, there was an error in our Paris map, and one of the stores was mistakening put in Toulouse, so instead of a map of Paris, the user saw a map of the entirety of France!

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