Washington, D.C. shopping guide, part I.

Guest post by Grant Harris of Image Granted.

Streets of Georgetown is the local outpost of Hart Schaffner Marx's dandy chain.

Streets of Georgetown
1254 Wisconsin Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20007

When Joseph Abboud sold his namesake label to become chief designer for HMX Group, the largest manufacturer of tailored menswear in the country, he worked with HMX CEO Doug Williams to open Streets concept stores in select cities. The Streets concept capitalizes on major cities’ top-drawer  shopping neighborhoods or streets—in DC’s case, Georgetown. The boutique is stocked with some of the elder statesmen of American suiting, including Hickey Freeman and Hart Schaffner Marx, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. Streets offers off-the-rack suiting as well as a truly tailored experience with made-to-measure services offering several hundred fabric choices. Bobby Jones, Coppley, Palm Beach, Austin Reed, and Filson round out suiting, casual, and sportswear offerings.

2216 14th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009

A recent addition to the DC shopping scene, Federal may sound like it caters to the politicians and lobbyists of Washington, but it’s far from what you might think. Located on 14th St. corridor, it’s part of a restructured and converted skate shop. Its street-oriented history is reflected in on-trend offerings from a range of heritage-based Americana and workwear lines like Tellason, Pendleton, Red Wing, Danner, Dickies, Filson, Converse, Clarks, Herschel Supply, and others. D.C. has a rep for being short on this sort of gear and Federal is changing that.

The good doctor.

Dr. K’s Vintage
1534 U St. NW
Washington, DC 20009

Dr. K’s is a vintage shop on the U street corridor that stocks the best edited stock of vintage men’s apparel in the city—leather jackets, militaria, cowboy boots, varsity jackets, and original cinchback denim from Levi’s. A native of Thailand, Dr. K has brought some of his personal collection to the shop, and can be seen showing off his latest finds from Brimfield or the Rose Bowl or more clandestine sources. Dr. K is often open late, but keeps strange hours so it’s best to call ahead.

Sette Neckwear
Suite 300
1701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20006

Sette means “seven” in Italian. Given how much attention is given to Neapolitan menswear, it’s a breath of fresh air to have the presence of Sette in D.C. A collaboration between a former Robert Talbott designer and a White House staffer, Sette offers a lineup of made-in-Italy woven or printed silk ties for power players inside the beltway and beyond. Sette seven folds come in a versatile 3-inch width and are constructed with the exacting standards of old world Italian tie makers. Silks are sourced from the hills of Como, then folded, slip stitched and packaged. Each tie is a unique creation and is part of a limited run of no more than 21. Each is individually numbered, and owners can register them online with Sette. Sette ties don’t come cheap, but the customer service, presentation, and product are arguably worth it.

Other worthwhile stops:

1781 Florida Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20009

Sharing an address with Stüssy, Commonwealth is D.C.’s outpost of the Virginia Beach streetwear king. Source for limited edition footwear, high-end hype like Maiden Noir, and wildcards like Gitman Vintage and Creep by Hiroshi Awai.

Hugh and Crye
3212 O St. NW #5 (between Potomac and Wisconsin)
Washington, DC 20007

DC-based brands fits shirts differently–by body type rather than measurements. Trim, darted cuts and strong colors and patterns dominate. Their bright Georgetown space is shop, laboratory, stockroom, and office all in one.

More recommendations to come in part II.

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5 thoughts on “Washington, D.C. shopping guide, part I.

  1. Thanks for doing this series and I’m really looking forward to the next installment.

    But really? Sette? Someone explain to me how they get off charging FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE DOLLARS for a necktie?

  2. How can you not list Wm. Fox on G st. b/w 14 and 15th? I think its one of the best stores in town. They don’t charge $440 for a tie, and the clothes are much more appropriate for business.

  3. Grant helped me out a few months ago at Streets of Georgetown. He’s an incredibly nice, informative, and well-dressed dude.

  4. @LukeLuke – Thanks for reading and for your comment. Yes, Sette does offer their products at high price point, but this is because they are creating a high end, quality product. I’ve personal tested and worn their ties and they certainly deserve a price commensurate to their construction and presentation.

    No, most men cannot afford a $400 tie. On the other hand Sette is not trying to sell to most men. They have a specific target segment who can afford and do purchase their ties on a regular basis. Everyone has a budget and some are more flexible than others. While there are ties that go for over $400 there are also ties in the $200 range. The one I tested retails at $265. Still expensive? Yes, but not $400 plus.

    Sette is the only provider of 7 fold ties of this quality in the DC area unless you prefer a department store like Saks or Neimans. However, the goal of SF and this article is to introduce smaller independent boutiques offering products for discerning customers that can’t be found in the cattle herds that are department stores. Thanks again for reading and look out for the next post.


  5. @Comment #2 – Wm. Fox & Co. is a mainstay in the DC style scene and has been for years. The shop is a class act and we highly recommend their offerings. However, we wanted to highlight some of the newer and more modern haberdashers who still offer classic menswear.

    The same ready to wear business attire can be had at The Streets as well as made to measure services. Also, ties can be had for $150 or less in cashmere/wool/silk mixes etc. The Streets offers everything Wm. Fox & Co. does from tailored clothing, to sportswear, to outerwear etc. If you like Wm. Fox & Co. than you’ll like The Streets as well.

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