GET THE PITTI LOOK – The Best Outfits and How to Replicate Them

This is Mitchell’s selection of the best outfits from Pitti Uomo 95 and his suggestions to replicate them without breaking the bank.

On the right: TurtleneckTweed capJacketCamera

TopcoatTrousersShirtShirt 2Shirt 3Tie

TopcoatTopcoat 2 ShirtTie

CoatShirtShirt 2

TurtleneckCar coat


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2 thoughts on “GET THE PITTI LOOK – The Best Outfits and How to Replicate Them

  1. But does one want to replicate the Pitti look? Were some of odd items worn by the usual generally clownish parade attractive? Of course. The selected photos here show a few of the more conservative combos and sure a scarf here, a tie there, a coat somewhere else taken in isolation look fine and might be the sort of item anyone would purchase in the normal course of events. However, the Pitti “Look” on the evidence of the widely published photos is to be avoided like the plague.

  2. Discounting the clownish garbage, the “Pitti Look” can be achieved by dressing the the dark. P.T. Barnum was right….

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