How to Style White Jeans with @eddiemczee

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I think that a pair of cream trousers is one of the most enjoyable and versatile garments to be had in a man’s wardrobe, and I’m likewise a fan of white or cream jeans. That said, some men may struggle with how to style them. It’s understandable, given that denim is a relatively rugged fabric generally associated with workwear, and as white is usually a warm-weather color, not many people are interested in wearing denim when it’s hot out – especially as it’s not known for being breathable.

Fall, then, is really the perfect time to ignore the rule about white after Labor Day (we all know it’s bunk anyway) and pull out your white jeans. That means, however, knowing how to style them. Ignore the advice about heavy boots and denim – nothing looks more awkward than a heavy workboot and white pants. Instead, opt for either a slim, lighter boot, a pair of sneakers, or as @eddiemczee shows here, loafers. His are cuffed, but white jeans usually end up being easier to hem than washed denim, as the stitching is less noticeable and you’re less likely to alter the wash in a funky way. Don’t be afraid to buy white jeans with no or minimal break, as they arguably work better for these purposes than dark jeans do. Just don’t buy white jeans too slim, as not only does it mean you’ll run hotter, but white denim has a very real sausage casing effect when the thighs are too tight.

If you find a comfortable fit, however, you’ll realize just how versatile they can be. As Eddie says:

“The great thing about white jeans is that they can be worn casually and with tailored clothing. In the summer, I like to wear them with a linen button-down and navy blazer or denim jacket. In the winter, I’ll sometimes wear them with a navy sweater and olive field jacket and boots…I wear jeans over trousers when I want my outfit to look more casual. For white jeans, I feel like they’re the perfect middle ground between standard indigo denim and trousers. Plus, if you wear them to a picnic and get some stains on them, you can just throw them in the wash instead of having to dry clean them.”

This is another look that doesn’t need to break the bank, and exemplifies the standard Styleforum philosophy of spending your money on shoes and outerwear. White denim and chambray shirts can be found anywhere, including the Levi’s sale rack. The Land’s End model that Eddie’s wearing has a comfortable rise and leg, however, and is a good choice if you’re planning to wear loafers regularly. While a nicer leather jacket is almost always worth the expense, there are of course models that won’t set you back quite as much. Eddie let me know that his A-1 came from Schott’s ‘Perfecto’ line, from which you can often find steals. Unfortunately, that has since sold out, but if it is ever restocked you can expect to pay a bit less than you would for the Valstar jacket featured below.

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