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Submit your work to All Styles Considered, Styleforum’s community-driven arts magazine!

What is it?

All Styles Considered is a printed magazine made up of submissions from the Styleforum community, which are then sequenced, edited, designed, and printed by our team. Our first issue was themed ‘place,’ and all copies sold out in a few days.

Who Are We?

We’re a weird mix of honest and upfront, sentimental, serious, tongue-in-cheek and playful. Hopefully there’s something for everyone.

What’s the theme?

The theme of Issue 2 is: “softness.” Think of cozy knits, think of gentle moments and kind things, think of lilting songs and misty mornings, think of spider webs and a kid giving you a thank you note they made themselves. Think of songs that feel like soundtracks to a dream, photos that almost have a texture you could sink into, that part of Stand By Me where the older protagonist erases the line ‘I’ve never had as good friends as the ones I had when I was 10’ (might have mangled that one), think of that episode of the Simpsons where Homer explains how his love for Maggie drove him back to the soul-crushing job at the Plant, think of how soft puppies are.

That’s what we’re getting at here – cool stuff that isn’t gritty or hardcore and brutal, but is gentle and important and essential.

What will we accept?

We accept every type of submission:

– Writing

– Photography

– Illustration

– Music

– Video

– Graphics

– Painting

– Food related content

Note: If you send us image submissions, please make sure that they are at least 2500px on the long edge (or around 8″ printed at 300dpi). If people want to be considered for two-page spreads, we need 4k+ images.

How do I submit?

To submit, please send an email with your submission to – submissions close 1st of April, 2017, Australia time.

That means you have a little under two weeks to submit your content to All Styles Considered, Issue 2. ASC2 will be available for purchase via Styleforum.

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Still not convinced? Check out issue #1 now!

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