The Week’s Best Styleforum Classifieds Listings

Every week, enterprising Styleforum member @razl takes time out of his busy schedule to search for what he can call the best of Styleforum’s classifieds. Out of that glittering company, we’ve picked our five favorites to share.

1. Brand New Gaziano & Girling St. James in UK 9 – 900 EUR (800 EUR without shoe trees)

Let’s start off with two pairs of stunners – two brand new pairs of G&G St. James in size UK 9. These beauties come in the wider “F” last, so if you’ve got wider feet and you’re looking to save some money on a pair (or two) of fantastic shoes, look no further.

Sold by @Jamestct 

2. ZILLI Brown Suede Belted Coat with Nutria Collar & Muskrat Lining (size s/m) – $2,850

Whoa. Talk about a stunner – this full suede coat with a hefty fur lining is a once-in-a-lifetime find, and with proper care it’ll last you just as long. Wear it open with a pair of well-worn jeans and casual boots, or over a jacket and trousers. Either way – holy damn.

Sold by @Brianpore

3. Isaia Jackets (various sizes and colors) – $699-$999 (trousers for $105)

Isaia’s known for bold patterns and colors – as well as great fit and construction. This is your chance to snag a deal on some beautiful, eye-catching pieces, at prices far lower than retail. Jump on it!

Sold by @gyasih

4. BNIB Alden Straight Tip Medallion Boots, #8 Shell Cordovan, Grant last, US 9.5D – $750

Best Styleforum Classifieds Listings

Another fantastic pair of shoes popped up this week – these Aldens in gorgeous shell cordovan are the perfect boot for jeans or trousers, and the legendary New England craftsmanship will take you all over the world in perfect style.

Sold by @hoodog

5. NWT Dents “Keswick” silk-lined gloves, sizes 9 & 10 – $55

Best Styleforum Classifieds Listings

Finally, Dents’ gloves are legendary by any standard, and finding a pair for half off retail is a dream. Wear them with anything, anywhere, anytime – not only will your hands be warm, but you’ll get that great, self-satisfied feeling that only comes from wearing luxurious accessories.

Sold by @jreigen

To see @razl’s full list, click here

Pane e Panno Casentino at Isaia

Standing around in Panno Casentino

One of the standout pieces for FW 2012 season was Isaia’s peaked lapel, camel topcoat in Panno Casentino fabric, the yarn of which, as was explained to me, is roughly brushed before looming, so that the dense woven fabric comes off the loom with a rough, pre-pilled, look.

The mark of Isaia

The Isaia crew had a great strategy.  When you are being plied wine and really great food, including some some of the best pickled mushrooms in olive oil I’ve eaten in a while, you are going to inspect every piece very carefully, especially when the alternative were overpriced Italian “toast” sandwiches, essentially a single, thin, slice of meat between two pieces of bread.  Even without all the help, I would still have noticed this piece, the texture of which immediately jumps out.

Isaia had the best spread in at Pitti Uomo on Tuesday, January 10, at around 11 a.m.

Later in the day, we saw the fabric again in a green coat with a much more conservative cut and turnback cuffs at Liverano&Liverano.  While Pete was busy talking to Taka in the back, Stephanie (the Styleforum sales rep) and I took a load off in some very comfortable chairs, and chatted with Mr. Liverano’s daughter, who had been working at the shop for 20 years.  “My father told me, either I go to school, or I work.  So I work.  20 years.”  I suppose that it’s as good a way as any to choose a career, especially when your father is one of the foremost tailors in Florence.

Liverano & Liverano #ogflorence #turnbackcuffs #pannocasentino

She told us that Panno Casentino was a very famous material from Florence.   It is known for its durability and natural water resistance.   Tuscany being one of the cooler, wetter, regions in Italy, it’s nice to not be soaked.  Very practical, and though Italy doesn’t really get winter except in the far north, I suppose that 50 degrees (F)  would be cold enough for me to enjoy the awesome Italian tradition of a coffee and pastry eaten at the bar, in the late afternoon, while wearing my Panno Casentino coat.

The next day, we saw the same fabric in a coat from Our Legacy, a brand from Sweden, where clothing that holds up against winter is actually necessary.  I suppose that this might be a microtrend in the making.

Firenze via Sweden in Firenze - Our Legacy