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Way back in 2015, Fok and I talked to Yuki Matsuda of Monitaly about putting together a special run of the Mountain Parka and Six Pocket pants. Fok wanted an outfit that brought back memories of nighttime campfires in his native Canada, and as a result we came up with a special two-stage dye job that’s deep, dusky, and full of character. These garments are made from US Military tent canvas, which means they can take a beating. I’ve worn mine hiking and fishing all through the woods, as well as to work in the morning.

This spring, we took them out for a spin when we shot our spring GMTO editorial, and got a few pictures that showcase the depth of color on these pieces. They’re stunning in person – rich, heavy, and wearable with a range of casual outfits.

The best part? We’re celebrating Thanksgiving by offering Styleforum Journal readers a coupon code. This weekend only, you can take 30% off our remaining stock of Monitaly x Styleforum gear with the code THANKS30SF

You can get yours at the Styleforum Market.

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More street style from the Grungy Gentleman.

Styleforum did not send any contributors to Milan this season.  Fortunately Jace, a.k.a. Grungy Gentleman, agreed to pick up the slack.  More instagrammatic style via Grungy.

Robert Rabensteiner at Carven.



Rocking out with @SebastianSauve at Ami

Milan Vukmirovic, again. This man is my idol. Can I get a #mostdope from the congregation?

@Sartorialist doing work backstage at @CoSTUMENATIONAL in a super-cool camo jacket

Just another day at the office @CoSTUMENATIONAL


Shoot legends on my iPhone yo.



Florence, generally, part II.




General Pitti Theory #1: If you stand around and talk on your phone long enough, then some guys will take your picture.

Our Legacy knit caps.

One of the best new lines I saw all show was AR, the new house line from Aloha Rag. All made in Japan, basic but tweaked shapes and fabrics. And a Tsubouchi collaboration, exclusive to AR.

Joao of (top Portugal shop) Wrongweather and Stephanie and Fok of Styleforum.

Yuki Matsuda and colleague from Monitaly/Yuketen sporting a new wool fabric patterned after a briefly used Marine Corps fabric from the late 1930s.

Want Les Essentials De La Vie made-in-Japan wallet and notebook.