How to Style a Corduroy Sportcoat with @thefoxtooth

How to Style a Corduroy Sportcoat styleforum


Ok, so maybe you don’t have the hair. Or the mustache. Or the musical skill. Or the cat. However, don’t let that stop you from dressing like you do. This week, @thefoxtooth offers up some fantastic autumn inspiration while showing us how to style a corduroy sportcoat, and also gives us a good reason to consider joining the Streetwear and Denim Wes Anderson Challenge.

Corduroy, like flannel, is a fantastic autumn fabric, and earth tones and neutrals make it easy to work into your wardrobe in both tailored and casual contexts. Here, thefoxtooth is wearing his corduroy sport coat with a pair of washed jeans, although the same jacket could certainly be worn with trousers – perhaps a sage green. Similarly, I can imagine the shoes being traded out for a pair of boots – western in style to go with the guitar, or even a country brogue for a slightly different take on the same outfit.

Anyway, the whole thing is awesome, and I really like that thefoxtooth is using corduroy in a way that doesn’t connote ivy-covered brick buildings. I’m sure we’ll start seeing more corduroy as the weather continues to change, so keep this in the back of your mind when you’re working your pieces into regular rotation.

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Style Inspiration from Diplomatic Ties

styleforum outfit inspiration diplomatic ties diplomaticties styleforum Inspiration from Diplomatic Ties

Inspiration from Diplomatic Ties


This week, we’re revisiting our friend Diplomatic Ties for some outfit inspiration. As you may remember from reading his member focus, he likes to get a little bit adventurous, and while this combination isn’t exactly wild, it’s a great way to break up the monotony of a blue jacket with grey trousers. In particular, I like that he’s chosen black shoes – anathema in the minds of many Stylefarmers – which in this case are a choice that grounds the outfit nicely (for the record, I think brown suede would have worked as well, and with a brown shoe I think the whole look would work very well tie-less).

I’m really enjoying the look of burgundies and purples as an alternative to navy and brown jackets, especially in subdued tones that keep the look from feeling costume-y. Diplomatic Ties’ choice features a subtle pattern and a peak lapel, but I think a solid option, such as this linen Formosa model from No Man Walks Alone, would look equally nice. Combined with a more familiar grey trouser, it’s just enough outside the norm to be interesting, but you’re unlikely to feel uncomfortably loud. Again, you could easily wear this same combination with a brown shoe or a loafer and look equally well put-together.

All credit to DT for some welcome experimentation with color – if you’re not already, be sure to share your outfits in the WAYWT thread.