Welcome to the Styleforum blog.

Pete (left), and Fok (right), being all editorially at Leffot with Steven Taffel (center). Photo credit: Albert Thomas.

Styleforum thrives because of the contributions of its community of members. The editorial team at Styleforum, namely Fok (LA guy on the forum) and Pete (shoreman1782 on the forum), felt that a good way to complement member contributions and leverage Styleforum’s collective sartorial knowhow would be through an easily updated, simply designed blog where we can more easily feature focused, original content that we develop. Basically, since we started writing original editorial content a few years ago, we’ve been trying to figure out the best place to put our stuff. And hey, this looks like a nice property. Could use a little sprucing up, but it has potential.

Look for contributions from Styleforum members like Nick V. and despos, writers like Derek Guy of Die, Workwear! and Put This On, and of course, your humble hosts. The space is currently in transition, so we’ll have a few bugs to work out; don’t hesitate to leave a comment and let us know if you encounter any. We’re also still feeling out exactly what goes where, so you’ll still see forum posts of editorial content, depending on the nature of what we’re writing.

As always, Styleforum policy is that no payment in cash or in kind is allowed to be taken in exchange for editorial content. This policy is in place to preserve the editorial integrity of Styleforum.

Any “promotional articles” will be marked as such.

Thank  you for visiting and your continued contributions to the forum.

1 thought on “Welcome to the Styleforum blog.

  1. Starting a blog was a great idea.
    We need a place where all the men’s wear and style information is collected and organized. I also have a blog. ramalhoni.com, I’ve been posting for a year a half and would love to contribute to the styleforum blog. If you want my help, drop me a line…
    I’m currently launching a new shoe line and have ton’s of info about it, and shoe making in general that would make some great posts for you Guys…

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