Introducing the Styleforum Maker Space in Florence, Italy

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styleforum maker space 2018 pitti uomo 93

What is the Styleforum Maker Space? This January, at Pitti Uomo 93 in Florence, Italy, Styleforum will be hosting its inaugural Maker Space. The Styleforum Maker Space is an open space designed to showcase the work of small brands and artisans interested in showing to both wholesale buyers and retail consumers. It is a combination

How to Style an Overshirt, with Erik Mannby

how to style an overshirt styleforum erik mannby overshirt

Overshirts, or ‘shackets’ – as our friend Kyle refers to them –  are often the province of casual-wear. Leave it to Erik Mannby, friend of Styleforum and editor of Plaza Uomo, to make the garment shine in a semi-tailored context. In this case, the added length of the overshirt helps balance out the proportions of

Get Ready for Black Friday on Styleforum!

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It’s time to get ready for Black Friday! Make your spreadsheets, track your garments, and most importantly, sign up for Styleforum’s weekly newsletter to receive first notice of our massive Black Friday menswear sales guide. Every year, we put together the internet’s largest list of Black Friday menswear sales, with coupon codes and discounts for

What’s so Great About Tweed?

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what's great about tweed styleforum

This article originally appeared on Styleforum in 2015. Words and pictures by Ian Anderson I have mixed feelings about tweed. This standard-bearer for autumnal fabrics does not fill me with excitement, like it does for so many on Styleforum; rather, I can’t help but feel a bit put off by the sight of it. I could

Embracing The Styleforum Uniform, with @jcmeyer

Ah, the Styleforum Uniform, affectionately (and sometimes mockingly) referred to as “The Security Guard Look.” At its core, it comprises a navy jacket and grey (or neutral) trousers, with the option of rotating a wide range of colors and styles of footwear, neckwear, jacket silhouettes, and other accoutrements. In this case, @jcmeyer has opted for

How to Buy Direct from Japan

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By Brad Tiller Have you ever browsed a Japanese webstore and wished you knew how to buy direct from Japan? Follow along as Brad Tiller talks you through the basics of using a ‘proxy’ service.   This article first appeared on Styleforum in 2015. Publisher’s note: Zenmarket is a Styleforum affiliate. However, this article is

Developing Personal Style with @eddiemczee

You may remember Styleforum member @eddiemczee from a recent post on white denim, but as usual, there’s more to his story. Today, this CM member tells us how he first decided to upgrade his wardrobe, describes the pitfalls he experienced along the way, and reveals his secret to developing personal style. My descent down the

How to Style a Corduroy Sportcoat with @thefoxtooth

  Ok, so maybe you don’t have the hair. Or the mustache. Or the musical skill. Or the cat. However, don’t let that stop you from dressing like you do. This week, @thefoxtooth offers up some fantastic autumn inspiration while showing us how to style a corduroy sportcoat, and also gives us a good reason

Gus’ Guide to Casual Autumn Style

I always look forward to the change in wardrobe that comes with cooler weather and the colors of autumn. Fall is the time to enjoy plush corduroy, cavalry twill, moleskin, rich tweeds, heavy flannels and deep-colored suedes and leathers. Whether your personal style is modern or classic, great fall menswear allows you mix and match

Dressing Well When You’re Tall

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dressing well when you're tall styleforum chocsosa tall guy style

CM regular and well-dressed dude @Chocsosa is 6’8, which you may remember from his member focus. We asked him to share some of his tips for dressing well when you’re tall, and he obliged with both personal insights and some good rules to follow. Starting out trying to build a functioning wardrobe of your dreams is not