The New Styleforum Interface Help: Basic FAQs (Part One)

New Styleforum Interface: Frequently Asked Questions Thanks for reading! While we’re sure this won’t cover every question you may have about Xenforo, the new platform used to host Styleforum, it should help you with some basic questions. Here’s what we’ll cover in this article: General questions 1.1 Basic Changes 1.2 Nomenclature changes 1.3 Forum locations

Toronto Styleforum Meetup, Hosted by Spier & MacKay

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This Thursday, April 27th, Spier & MacKay will be hosting a Greater Toronto Styleforum meetup. This is a great opportunity for you to meet and banter with other Styleforum members and share your passion for clothes, shoes and accessories. This is a casual, drop-in event, so please take the time to come say hello! In addition,

All About Shirt Fabrics and Weaves

Editor’s Note: although this post, made by forum member and expert shirtmaker Alexander Kabbaz, dates all the way back to 2006, it’s still a great resource. It contains a wealth of information about shirts, shirt fabrics and shirt quality that’s worth reading in its entirety. We’ve re-published the article in its entirety so that you

Member Focus: Stanley van Buren

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One of the more (in)famous Styleforum posters, Stanley van Buren is perhaps best-known for his over-the-top photography and dedication to the true art of the Styleforum WAYWT photo. Inspirations for his pictures have ranged from film noir to B-Movie action flicks, and in all cases, he and his wife have made a strong argument for

Styleforum x Carmina Shoes GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

Styleforum x Carmina GIVEAWAY To celebrate Styleforum’s new home on the Internet, we’ve partnered with Carmina to give away two (yes, two) pairs of shoes on Instagram for you and a friend! Here’s what you gotta do: First, from your Instagram account, follow @styleforum and @carminashoemaker, if you are not a follower already. You can


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Labor day menswear sales list

OK, it’s not quite our famed Black Friday sales guide, but you’ve still got time to take advantage of some of the year’s best spring sales. You know that Styleforum loves deals, so we’ve put together a shortlist for you, and you’d be wise to take a good look. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of

This Month’s Most Popular Posts on the Styleforum Instagram

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styleforum instagram

Styleforum’s wide-ranging community isn’t active only on You might know that we’re also active on Instagram, and that we often feature Styleforum members who use the hashtag #styleforum. This month, we reached into the vault to collect the 16 most-liked outfit photos from the Styleforum Instagram page. All of these great looks were found under

Member Focus: Mossrockss

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Styleforum member @mossrockss is probably best-known for always looking good in a blazer in jeans. He exists in the very nonchalant space between East Coast Ivy and Neapolitan tailoring, and is as popular on Styleforum for being A Very Nice Guy as he is for his well-considered outfits. Here, he talks about the three pillars