Impeccable Outfit Inspiration from Betelgeuse

impeccable outfit betelgeuse styleforum


Every so often, an outfit gets posted in the CM WAYWT thread that makes everyone pause, take a deep breath, and say: “Whoa.” This is one such. In many ways, it’s the archetypal Styleforum outfit, but executed to an incredible standard. No wonder the immediate response to Betleguese’s post was so glowing.

The ingredients are basic: navy tie, striped shirt, grey trousers, chukka boots, and a sport coat. However, the details make it stand out. Firstly, the jacket is brown, which prevents the ‘security guard’ look occasionally granted by a blue jacket. Second, everything fits perfectly. Take note in particular of the trousers – which Peter has covered elsewhere.

Really, there’s not much else to say. If you’re wondering how you can achieve this level of perfection, perhaps the best answer comes from this comment left by @heldentenor:

“I think I first saw that jacket of @Betelgeuse‘s about four years ago. Loved it then, still love it now. Awesome fit.”

That’s right – four years. Barely any time at all in the life of a jacket, but it shows that Betelgeuse is comfortable with his clothing, and that he has had time to wear the jacket enough to know exactly how to wear it.

How to Dress like Cleav

cleav outfit inspiration styleforum dress like cleav styleforum

Our man @Cleav dresses the way that many users of Styleforum aspire to dress: impeccably, gentlemanly, and fuss-free from head to toe. This week, I want to focus on an outfit he recently shared that shows off how strong a relatively simple combination can be when it’s put together perfectly.

First of all, @Cleav’s suit exemplifies why navy is still a men’s wardrobe essential. Paired here with a striped shirt, earthy-red tie, and split-toe derby shoes, it shines purely on the merits of the perfect fit, and is complemented – rather than overshadowed – by the accessories @Cleav has chosen. While this is certainly a more conservative combination than most of what is now shown on Instagram feeds or in Pitti write-ups, many beginners nonetheless struggle to understand that you don’t necessarily need a more complex outfit to stand out. In fact, part of what distinguishes @Cleav is that his outfit choices are consistently executed to perfection, without the distractions of gaudy fabrics, experimental cuts, or overbearing accessories.

Of course, in order to look as good as @Cleav does, you need to make sure your suit fits perfectly, you need to know how to choose a shirt that’s not too busy, and you need to know when a loud accessory is unnecessary. When you’ve managed all that, you’re left with a foundation that’s not just versatile, but sharp enough to pay respect to both the wearer and whatever event he happens to be attending.

Bravo to Cleav, for showing the rest of us how it’s done.


Note: this article has been corrected as of 8/21 to reflect that @Cleav is wearing a navy suit, not charcoal as originally written.


Outfit Inspiration from AlexRamius

alexramius styleforum

Navy trousers get a bad rap on Styleforum. I read a lot of complaints about versatility, utility, and color matching, but this photo of member Alexramius should change your mind. The patterned sport coat on top helps to balance out the ‘weight’ of the solid color on the bottom, and the heavily-textured tie equally draws the eye upwards. This, my friends, is a great look. I love a good cream jacket, and the subtle PoW check on this model makes it more enticing – and perhaps more versatile – than a solid cream option would be.

I’ve taken the liberty of suggesting a brown shantung tie and navy pocket square below, purely for argument’s sake – those are two colors that I really enjoy when paired with cream, although I think that any subdued – particularly earthy – colors of your choice would be a great match for spring through fall, and offer a pleasing and subtle counterpoint to the bright summer outfits that are still flooding Instagram.

Pitti Uomo Outfit Inspiration from Andreas Klow

pitti uomo 92 streetstyle styleforum pitti 92 streetstyle styleforum pitti uomo 92 men's style styleforum pitti uomo 92 men's streetstyle styleforum pitti men's streetstyle styleforum pitti men's style styleforum pitti 92 men's streetstyle styleforum best pitti streetstyle best pitti uomo streetstyle best pitti 92 streetstyle best pitti uomo 92 streetstyle photos from pitti uomo 92streetstyle photos from pitti uomo 92 pitti outfit inspiration styleforum pitti uomo outfit inspiration styleforum

This week, I thought it would be fun to take some Pitti Uomo outfit inspiration from Andreas Klow, who has been our photographer in Florence for Pitti Uomo 92. In particular, I quite like this picture – not one he took, but one he’s in, so that we can see how the photographer himself dresses. Of course, he’s in good company: he’s standing next to Simon Crompton of Permanent Style and Greg Lellouche of SF affiliate No Man Walks Alone, both of whom are some of the better-dressed men at Pitti each season, but he’s holding his own very well.

I also like that this picture shows one of the big draws of Pitti: the cordial atmosphere outside the Fortezza, and how generally good-natured people are despite the heat. After all, Pitti is as much a chance to see old friends (and shake on some business deals) as it is a tradeshow – and a chance to enjoy a lot of free cocktails.

In this photo, I particularly like how Andreas has paired dark colors in a way that still manages to look summery and comfortable. A green jacket is a great and oft-overlooked option, and Andreas (well, all three of these handsome gents) does a great job showing how relaxed and comfortable and generally un-stuffy tailoring can look. It’s neither restrictive nor is it overwrought in Pitti Peacock fashion – all in all, a great summer look.

Oh, and it looks as though beards are still in fashion, so if you’re fortunate enough to be able to grow a nice one (sob), I suppose you can take comfort in your facial hair being on-trend (though why you’d want a beard for summer I don’t know).

Our garments this week are all relaxed, summery options – and all Italian, of course. When you’re considering your summer tailored outfits, consider some less traditional, more saturated colors, and enjoy the change of pace.

Outfit Inspiration from Mossrockss

outfit inspiration mossrockss dress like mossrockss styleforum


One of the aspects of @mossrockss’ outfit photos that I most appreciate is how comfortable he looks in everything he’s wearing. Of course, he could be fooling me by just being very good at standing in front of a camera, but I’ll choose instead to trust in the truth of the images. I’m not entirely sure how he’d describe his own style, but in my eyes it’s a mix of Ivy and some relaxed Italian basics, a combination favored by well-dressed men and instagram stars worldwide.

There are two things he does particularly well. The first, as he himself noted, is pairing blazers with jeans, an example of which you can see here. The second is getting a lot of use out of the pieces he owns. That means that most of the items in his wardrobe are versatile, and easy to mix and match. For example, polos and popovers have been showing up under jackets more and more regularly in Styleforum’s WAYWT threads these days, and for good reason. They look nice on their own, and they add a welcome panache when worn with a sport coat. Especially when they have buttoned cuffs, they can be worn much like any other shirt, or rolled up when your jacket comes off, whether you’re wearing jeans or trousers.

Denim doesn’t need any introduction in terms of its versatility, but lately I’ve been particularly drawn to this pair of Orslow ‘Ivy Fit’ jeans, which have a relaxed fit that’s still flattering, as well as an entirely acceptable factory wash. Of course, you don’t have to wear them with a brown blazer – navy and green will work just as well.

Finally, it’s @mossrockss’ opinion that canoe mocs go with everything, and while that’s probably not true for me, or necessarily for you, dear reader, I felt I had to include them here. The whole look is a little bit more American than Italian,but I think it’s important to note that Mr. Moss never looks, well, boring – rather, he looks put together in a way that ensures he’ll be well-dressed whether he’s sitting on the porch of a colonial-style house in Massachusetts or in the garden of a Tuscan villa.

What to Wear to the Botanic Gardens

what to wear to the botanic gardens
I’m lucky enough to live only a few blocks from Denver’s (quite nice) Botanic Gardens, where my girlfriend and I are members. We probably go at least once a week, when it stays open later and we can visit in the early evening. If you haven’t been to your local botanic garden in a while, try to make the trip. It’s always nice to be surrounded by greenery, and taking the time to enjoy a slow stroll past the flowers is a fantastic way to de-stress yourself and force a little bit of relaxation.

While it’s not the ballet (and Denver’s not exactly a hotbed of well-dressed people), some of the guests do make an effort to look nice, which can be difficult in the heat. Make sure you’re dressed for the weather with lightweight, breathable clothing – and don’t bother wearing a tie. I’ve mentioned in the past my taste for summer jackets, but even when not wearing a jacket I like to have some sort of neck covering that keeps the sun off – it’s fierce, here. I also like to wear looser clothing in summer, which helps a bit with air circulation.

Finally, a straw hat is, I think, a must have for summer. It keeps the sun out of your eyes and off your shoulders, which can make the difference between enjoying a summer day and getting a headache by noon. Add to that your favorite pair of sunglasses, and spend your time enjoying a glass of strawberry lemonade while you look at pretty flowers.

Outfit Inspiration: The Patchwork Blazer

patchwork blazer styleforum

There are a few members on Styleforum who do the “Whimsical CM Casual” look pretty well. One is Gerry Nelson, who you’ve heard from on this very Journal, and whose style we’ve already covered. The other two are @Cotton Dockers and @ManofKent, two paragons of Styleforum virtue that excel at putting together relaxed, whimsical outfits. We can easily imagine either of them wearing something similar to what we’ve put together here.

This outfit, as you’ve probably gathered, is centered around a Barena patchwork blazer, a brand which has long enjoyed an enthusiastic, if muted, fanbase on the forum – it’s friendly to both casual outfits and streetwear getups alike, and is generally both comfortable to wear and individual enough to stand out. To emphasize it’s not-quite-classic features, we’ve combined it with a few other playful pieces.

The first is this pair of relaxed trousers from Marni. Loose through the thigh, they’re tapered and then cropped at the ankle for a breezy spring-and-summer weight and silhouette. A linen shirt from Lanieri is our one nod to convention, and depending on how you choose to order yours, can be worn tucked or untucked. At the bottom, we’ve gone with the endearing Paraboot “Michael” shoe, a classic of country-wear if there ever was one, to balance out the tapered trousers and add some bulk to the look. We want to nurture Barena’s innate pagan magic, and a pair of shoes perfect for tromping through the woods achieves just that.

To round things off, a pair of retro-inspired sunglasses from The Bespoke Dudes keeps your eyes safe from harmful UV rays (always important), and a charming bandana-slash-pocket square from Blue Blue Japan is always a nice touch.

However, the most important aspect of any outfit is how you wear it, and we suggest you channel the three members who’ve inspired this particular look: wear it while wandering the countryside, wear it will cruising in your vintage sports car, or wear it as a comfortable airport outfit – whatever you do, wear it with a little bit of spring in your step and embrace a bit of whimsy along with the warm weather.

How to Wear a Light Colored Suit This Spring

classic hollywood colors for spring style hollywood style styleforum how to wear a light colored suit


When the weather’s spitting, most men turn to dark colors – navy, black, and charcoal – out of a fear of raindrops, mud, and cars driving through puddles. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it does mean that it’s sometimes just as easy to get locked into a spring wardrobe the same way as can happen during winter. With that in mind, we propose a light colored suit for springtime.

First, it’s a nice way to break up the monotony of winter. Second, khaki, beige, or ivory has a touch of old Hollywood about it, which – and this is important – makes it fun in a way other things aren’t.  In this case, we’ve chosen a beige, easy-wearing patch-pocket model from Camoshita, which certainly skews toward the casual. That gives you the option to lose the tie, which we all know is important in springtime, because who wants to wear a tie when the tulips are coming up?

Of course, to fully embrace the monochromatic look, we suggest giving a nod to unpredictable weather by wearing a classic Mackintosh. With a belt and a collar that can be turned up against the elements, you won’t be making any stylistic concessions the next time it rains – by which we mean: please stop wearing your gore-tex jacket over a suit. Thank you.

Finally, after you’ve picked your pocket square, a light scent such as Frédéric Malle’s Geranium Pour Monsieur is a nice finishing touch to match your light color palette. This one smells about as fresh as a spring shower, and opens with a pleasant blend of geranium, mint, and star anise, that later gives way to a suggestion of musk and sandalwood. Like the clothing we’ve picked, it’s a welcome burst of brightness after a long winter.

The next time you find yourself pining for some uplifting clothing, try a light colored suit and a tonal ensemble. It’s a great way to embrace springtime, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll find yourself clicking your heels as you hop over puddles.

1. Camoshita beige blazer – $880 at Mr. Porter 

2. Camoshita beige trousers (matching) – $340 at Mr Porter

3. Kamakura “Tokyo Slim” striped shirt – $89 at Kamakura

4. Mackintosh belted cotton coat – 725 GBP at Trunk Clothiers

5. Alden chukka in snuff suede – $528 at Lawrence Covell

6. Drake’s pocket square – $90 at Supply and Advise

7. Frédéric Malle, “Geranium Pour Monsieur” – $270 at Barneys

A 2016 Hangover Outfit

hangover outfit styleforum

As we finally wave goodbye to 2016 and watch it dwindle in the rearview mirror, it’s not a bad idea to face the New Year (and any lingering headaches) with a sense of humor. In that spirit, we’ve put together a 2016/2017 hangover outfit that’s a combination of predictions for the year ahead, as well as a gesture to the one that just came to an end.

Let’s start with shoes. Zespa became a forum favorite overnight, thanks to clean design and some very timely sales shared in the Official Sales Alert thread. Expect to see a lot of these in 2017, as people grow ever more bored of Common Projects. We’re certain that, along with Zespa, ESK knits will continue to grow in popularity on the forum, especially since there hasn’t been a de facto piece of required knitwear since the SNS Herning “Stark.”

Second, track pants have been making another weird resurgence, thanks both to the continued rise of athleisure and some canny marketing on the part of several large streetwear brands. Kappa, in particular, featured at Gosha Rubchinskiy’s s/s2017 show this past June at Pitti Uomo, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the 90’s logo’d side tape makes a comeback as hype for nostalgia brands reaches a fever pitch. On that note, don’t forget your Calvin Klein branded trunks, which are ideal for showing off over of the top of your track pants.

Finally, a printed shirt and a really loud coat will give your hangover outfit the presence it needs to let your admirers know that you don’t take yourself too seriously. And combined with everything else, it’s a mishmash so calculated you’re bound to end up on at least one streetstyle blog, because even in 2017, those are still a thing.

You see, this year is going to be the year of the ignoring individual trends in favor of showing a middle finger to your Instagram followers. We’re all looking for the visual long-tail-keyword to define our individual fashion alt-text, and specificity – both on social media and in our wardrobe choices – is the new meta. So wear what you want to wear, and damn the consequences.

  1. Ann Demeulemeester sheep fur coat from FWRD
  2. ESK Jim cardigan
  3. Marni print shirt from East Dane
  4. Kappa Track Pants
  5. Zespa ZSP4 from END.
  6. Damir Doma x Mykita sunglasses from SSENSE
  7. Calvin Klein Trunks

A Holiday Outfit in Bad Taste

outfit in bad taste

If you’ve followed any of my forum ramblings over the last few months – or took the time to read yesterday’s article – you may have noticed that I’m struggling with the idea of good taste as it relates to the Great Machine that is Fashion. And more recently, I’ve bee struggling with the very existence of ugly Christmas sweaters, which I loathe. Since I refuse to buy one of the latter, I thought I’d try to put together a look that was nonetheless a silent middle finger directed firmly at the holiday season. I’ll share it with you here – you’re welcome in advance.

First: velvet. Really expensive velvet, because the holidays are about spending money. This Berluti DB jacket will look even better if you refuse to button it. As the one gesture of obeisance to the Rules, I’ve included the very necessary linen pocket square, without which no iGent would ever be caught. A cotton chambray bib-front shirt from Margiela will look fantastic under the jacket, especially when paired with an onyx bolo tie.

Pre-distressed jeans from RRL round out the vaguely Western theme we’ve stumbled into, and zip boots from Carol Christian Poell add an extra bit of unpleasantness. They’re the perfect boot to wear with an outfit that makes no sense – remember to consume conspicuously, my friends. While these aren’t black lizard cowboy boots, they’re fulfill a similar purpose while hopefully looking less polished. And since you’re not cool enough to wear them in the first place, it doesn’t matter that they’re always sold out everywhere.

Finally, Tom Fords syrupy Black Orchid also reeks of sex and money. I’m a big fan of Tom Ford fragrances, although they’re about as far from “meek” as you can get. They’re big, juicy, and in-your-face – kind of like the rest of this ensemble. I think the whole thing is absolutely perfect for your next holiday party.

The only problem is that after picking all of this stuff out, I want to wear it head-to-toe. I figured I was crazy or suffering from burnout, but after sending the above to both Arianna and Fok, they both informed me that the outfit looks pretty awesome. Maybe I’m on to something here. Here are the details:

1. Velvet DB jacket by Berluti

2. Slim narrow destroyed jeans by RRL

3. Margiela cotton chambray bib shirt

4. Carol Christian Poell zip boots

5. Bolo tie

6. Linen pocket square by Kent Wang

7.Tom Ford Black Orchid