Outfit Inspiration from AlexRamius

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Navy trousers get a bad rap on Styleforum. I read a lot of complaints about versatility, utility, and color matching, but this photo of member Alexramius should change your mind. The patterned sport coat on top helps to balance out the ‘weight’ of the solid color on the bottom, and the heavily-textured tie equally draws the eye upwards. This, my friends, is a great look. I love a good cream jacket, and the subtle PoW check on this model makes it more enticing – and perhaps more versatile – than a solid cream option would be.

I’ve taken the liberty of suggesting a brown shantung tie and navy pocket square below, purely for argument’s sake – those are two colors that I really enjoy when paired with cream, although I think that any subdued – particularly earthy – colors of your choice would be a great match for spring through fall, and offer a pleasing and subtle counterpoint to the bright summer outfits that are still flooding Instagram.

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