What to Wear to the Botanic Gardens

what to wear to the botanic gardens
I’m lucky enough to live only a few blocks from Denver’s (quite nice) Botanic Gardens, where my girlfriend and I are members. We probably go at least once a week, when it stays open later and we can visit in the early evening. If you haven’t been to your local botanic garden in a while, try to make the trip. It’s always nice to be surrounded by greenery, and taking the time to enjoy a slow stroll past the flowers is a fantastic way to de-stress yourself and force a little bit of relaxation.

While it’s not the ballet (and Denver’s not exactly a hotbed of well-dressed people), some of the guests do make an effort to look nice, which can be difficult in the heat. Make sure you’re dressed for the weather with lightweight, breathable clothing – and don’t bother wearing a tie. I’ve mentioned in the past my taste for summer jackets, but even when not wearing a jacket I like to have some sort of neck covering that keeps the sun off – it’s fierce, here. I also like to wear looser clothing in summer, which helps a bit with air circulation.

Finally, a straw hat is, I think, a must have for summer. It keeps the sun out of your eyes and off your shoulders, which can make the difference between enjoying a summer day and getting a headache by noon. Add to that your favorite pair of sunglasses, and spend your time enjoying a glass of strawberry lemonade while you look at pretty flowers.