Styleforum’s Pitti 91 Recap

Day 2

Day 2 of Pitti was definitely more hectic than day 1. It seemed like all the Americans had arrived this day, maybe because of storms in NY preventing flights from leaving. This of course meant more meet and greet before we could find our way into the pavilions again, this time with the goal of seeing the “Makers” section.

Anu in the spotlight

The Makers section is the part of the fair that is dedicated to smaller makers and brands. We talked to Paul and Cat from Spanish tailoring house Sastreria 91, Andrea from TBD eyewear, and a few other interesting brands. We also managed to have a brief discussion with Mickael of Le Loir en Papillon, who showed us some beautiful new pocket squares and accessories.

For some reason time, seemed to be speeding up the second day, and we needed to head back to our apartment to get ready for night time events.

Andreas came by our apartment and we walked two doors down for the first event of the evening, hosted by our friends at accessory company Biago Santo. The atmosphere was really nice and we were shown a great variety of beautifully handcrafted ties and pocket squares. I must also add that they had probably found one of Florence’s best bartenders for their private party. The drinks were amazing.

After this we walked (we always walk everywhere in Florence) to another apartment where Ignatious Joseph, together with the authors of We Are Dandy, and J. Mueuser, were hosting a party. Ignatious Joseph’s parties are usually my favorites during Pitti, since they bring together some of the most interesting people in a more intimate setting. This was probably the best one so far in my opinion. Guests from various classic menswear publications mingled with rock stars and Savile Row tailors and menswear enthusiasts from around the world. I found myself talking about shoulder constructions with an English tailor and slowly started realizing I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch.
Andreas, Anu and Jussi

Anu, Jussi, Andreas, Charley and I were joined by Butler and Torsten Grunewald of Sartorial notes for dinner, at a place of Butler’s choosing. Getting there after walking for approximately 1-2 kilometers, we realized that it was the same place we had eaten lunch at, and that it was only 300 meters from the party we originally started from. Lesson: Butler + Google Maps is not a perfect combo.

And speaking of Butler, if you have never had the opportunity of having dinner with him, you have severely missed out. Having both him and Charley at your table guarantees you will have the most entertaining dinner ever.

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Erik is co-founder of EFV Clothing. You can find him on Instagram at @ErikMannby. If you’re attending Pitti Uomo 91 this January, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Great write up, Erik! The clothes will eventually be seen on social media but the stories of the people are what interest me the most and this made me feel like I was there.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I’ve always enjoyed your honest reports, e.g. from last year too. Also wanted to say that Andreas has made some outstanding photographs.

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